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01-31-2011, 07:18 AM
I am new to this game but I am beginning to learn the basics fast; how to build, sequence, etc..

I love scifi and horror stories, games, and movies. This idea is actually from a dream I have had several times already, but I want to expand on the dream or idea.

The dream begins with me in LA walking in the streets minding my own business. Around a quarter way through the dream I begin to notice an increase in police sirens and breaking news over several stores. The news are talking about something unidentifiable in a collision course with the Earth. The news reports say that there are hundreds of thousands of unidentified NEOs in a collision course, that scientist around the world are baffled as the NEOs show thermal readings and appear to move without following a descend course or a gravitational free fall. (This dream was way before the movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still", the remake that is, never really heard of the old one.). As I'm looking up at the sky I begin to see these gigantic fireballs falling down and streaking through the air. I see one really big one hit Downtown LA. As I'm watching in suspense(the news helicopters are hovering filming the impacts) one of the giant objects starts to break apart. (The objects were mushy and it didn't obliterate themselves on impact, their outer layers seemed to have absorbed the impacts.)

Hot vapor starts coming out of the cracks from the objects as they continue to break apart. A huge cloud of white smoke engulfs part of Downtown LA, but when the smoke settles or vanishes(it was like a vapor smoke) you can see this thing that looked like a giant insect. The creature wakes up and begins to dig deep underground and as its digging, it begins to launch yolks in the shape of eggs(oval) through its abdomen. The yolk is almost like an acid eating up anything it touches(on concrete and asphalt it turns the material brittle, like if it had absorbed all the moisture from it.) and on people it looks as if they were having their insides sucked out. Some of the news helicopters zoom in on the yolks and you could see something developing inside of them, and there are hundreds of thousands of these things scattered around Downtown LA. From the yolks come these ant like things, they move extremely fast and are about the size of a compact car. They decimate everything, and as they eat they get bigger and bigger, some spout wings and fly into the sky attacking the news helicopters.

So I'm in East Los Angeles watching the news through a window and I begin to panic. Everyone around starts to go crazy. I run to my car an immediately head home, racing to alert my family hoping they are okay. I call them but networks are busy, so I look overhead and see fighter jets flying fast-breaking the sound barrier at low altitudes. My windshield cracks from one of the sonic booms. I continue to drive and get stuck in traffic over a bridge! Ah! I see that there is no advance so I get my cellphone and ipod out of my car and start running. I could clearly see the creature from Downtown LA from the bridge(that's how big the creature was), and was able to make out some F-18, F-35s, and 2 F-22s flying above Downtown LA. They shoot some air to ground missiles at the huge creature. I turn again towards the people in front of me and begin to run again, only glancing to my left to see what effect those missiles had on the creature. On my phone I turn on the radio, and listen in to the reports. The reports said that the creatures seem to have landed on hot regions only, and that on every site the creatures are borrowing deep underground.

Hours pass and I'm still walking home, tired, I decide to call my family again, no luck, network was still busy. The power in some areas seem to have gone down and there is traffic everywhere and a lot of cars empty on the road. Some drivers are so desperate that they begin to drive on the sidewalk, running over any pedestrian in front of them. I avoid getting run over by a car by dashing into a nearby ally. I keep on walking through these dark allies and it begins to get dark, time reads on my cellphone 7:42pm. As I'm walking, listening to news on my cellphone, I find some friendly people in the allies traveling towards the same direction I am. We begin to communicate and group up with more people in the allies. Over the radio, reports say to avoid the streets, that some of the small creatures have begun to multiply and have been spotted in nearby cities(Where we were). We begin to talk to each other and we agree to head towards a gun store a couple of blocks from our location to get some protection incase we encounter any of them. We get to it, its locked but one funny character in our group was excellent at lock picking, he picked the lock and opened it, we rushed inside and armed ourselves with as much ammo and weapons as we can carry. I personally grabbed a .44 magnum, 2 9mm Barettas with 10 round clips(I got 5 clips), and a semi automatic M14. There were some people who didn't want to carry guns, so they instead carried medical kits, flashlights, knives, food and spare ammo.

I was carrying over 50lbs of weapons, ammo, and food but for a reason, minutes after we emptied out the gun store, we encountered one of these creatures. We first heard it walking around in the dark as if stalking us, didn't know what it was. It was pitch black in these streets with the only visible light coming from the moon, nearby lid cities and our own flashlights and cellphones. One of the person's behind our group yells "look out!" another "Behind us!", we turn back and spot the creature(this one was smaller, about the size of one of us like 6-7ft in length and 4-5ft tall). We drop shells on this thing, our muzzles flare out(looked kinda like those flashing club lights, or strobe lights, red and orange with flames coming out ahead of us.) lighting up the creature and everything around us momentarily. We took it out, without a casualty on our side, but our own rattle attracted more of them. Again more of these smaller creatures began to follow us, we reloaded and began to shoot at some of them(there were people in our group who didn't know how to use guns and wasted all of their ammo hitting nothing, and some didn't know how to reload properly, others had their guns jammed, the rest had no guns.) I was only using one 9mm at first, I finished the last 3 shots I had from the previous encounter, switched over to the other 9mm, but in the panic I forget to disengage the safety lock. I panic even more, get the .44 magnum(there is shooting going on all around me) I saw one of the creatures heading for me, so I grabbed the gun with both hands, cocked back the hammer, and pulled the trigger. My had shook aggressively each time I shot it. The creature fell, I looked around and see some of our members being ripped to pieces by these things. I finish the bullets inside my .44 magnum barrels, then switch out again to the 9mm, but this time I remember the safety switch. I begin to run, I head for an alley and see one guy behind me get lounged at by the creatures, I shoot the 9mm at him and the creature and continue to run, that creature however was about the size of a truck and couldn't fit through the ally. There are two or more other people ahead of me running in this dark ally, and then the dream ends.

I've had that dream 3 times in the past maybe more, each one went a little further then the previous one, the last time I had the dream was in 2007. I still remember it because I illustrated the dream in a book after I had it a second time and continued the illustrations after the 3rd dream. Even showed it to my art teacher, he was impressed. I last saw that sketch book in 2009 and I still remember this dream pretty well. I later guessed as to the purpose of those creatures and came up with several theories. The one that seems pretty obvious is that they like heat. I think that they were burrowing to get to the inner heat from the Earth's core, and the creatures(the ones that were digging) looked like giant fleas or ticks with hundreds of eyes around them. I also hypothesized that they wanted to suck out the heat from the Earth, maybe drain it or live off of the Earth's heat and move onto another planet once they were finished with this one. IDK but I want to expand onto this story, make it into a level or game.

My current idea is to make it an open world level with a timer. It will be a huge city that resembles LA with sky scrapers, locomotives, automobiles and sack bots walking/driving around. Maybe throw some cops and helicopters, with some 747s flying by(The LAX airport) and oh yes the pollution or haze. There will be dozens of score bubbles to collect before time runs out. And lots of places to see and visit. I want to make it so big that it is almost impossible to collect everything within the time limit, and since its an open world, you can retry it each time taking on different routes. Once the timer finishes I want to make a cinema showing the news and then the creatures falling down. Turn the mood of the level from a happy mood, to a horror mood. Then the next level will begin with first trying to go to a check point, meeting some other survivors or wanderers, getting to the gunshop and then the first encounter with the monsters. I would love help on how I should pursue this level/story. Any help or suggestions/ideas? If I do pursue this, which I probably will, I want to make it a story that spans several levels. Maybe make a tragic ending or a cliff hanger(since I hate how every story has to have a happy ending. LOL). Where at the end, you reunite with your family and see the big picture, the military mobilizing, soldiers in the streets killing off the monsters(but since their are so many of them the battle begins to tip against us.) Would be cool to add a Fallout type story where nuclear bombs are dropped etc.. There are many possibilities!