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01-31-2011, 08:09 PM
First I would like to reintroduce myself (I reintroduced myself in another tread but nobody saw that one) I am cheesemuffins99, I had LBP1 and I joined this site last year, but I got bored with LBP1 and left. But I bought LBP2 recently and I am working on a tower defense called Death Canyon. Your spaceship has crash-landed on a huge canyon on a unknown planet, you must defend your ship from the raiders while it is being repaired.

Finished Things
Base (your spaceship) logic
Enemy logic (can be improved) - 3 enemy types, small, medium, and large (can be improved)
Turret logic (can be improved) - 3 turret types, basic, sniper and rapid-fire (can be improved)
Shop and upgrade logic (not perfect yet)
Enemy waves

To Do List
New damage system (see problems section)
Upgrade turret and enemy logic after damage system is fixed (If it ever gets fixed)
Border-to prevent player from leaving map (see problems section)

My Ideas
Superpowers-received from superpower enemy-randomly spawned
Interactive map-secret pathways and explosions-need more ideas
Multiplayer version-1 player is offense, 1 player is defense
Buildings-gives player abilities-stuff like that

I have released a prototype, It has has a short, 3 waves demo with no visuals, It also shows the logic I used in the prototype, so you can look at my logic and figure out how to make your own tower defense level, Its not exactly a tutorial but it will help. There are some problems with it since Its a prototype, I have fixed some problems but It won't let me republish right now.

The link is here: http://lbp.me/v/x91mgg

Things I Need Help With
1) have built a damage system (not implemented in the prototype) which makes turrets do different damage. It is a battery and a tag sensor connected to an AND gate, which is connected to a Timer/health-bar, the bar decreases depending on the the battery strength, But I want them all to be connected to 1 timer, I connected all the AND gates to an OR gated, but the bar always decreases at the same speed. If I fix this then I could improve my level and build new turrets and enemy's.

2) I need a border for the cursor to prevent the player from leaving the map.

I am open to any suggestions you have for my level.

02-02-2011, 08:24 AM
For the border, perhaps you could add a follower that flees from a keys on holo, etc.