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11-14-2008, 02:29 AM
hey guys a level i have been working on for a while has finally been finished for the most part and i decided to publish it and see wha you all say about it and how i can improve all the decorative things or tweaks that should be made and i want all of that to be said on this thread. I need a video maker to record the video because i do not have the gear to do it or i would do it myself. So i ask if anyone can then speak up and we can get that organized.

The level is called "Time" (do not put in the quotes) and my name is RAINFIRE so search either one of those and you should get it sooner or later (hopefully sooner :p)

I have worked on this for a while so tell me what you guys think


EDIT: I just noticed that the opening speech given by the clock is out of order but i can not fix it at the moment so just ignore it for now and i will fix it tomorrow and republish. Cheers!

EDIT: wow this is sad i can not get a single reply on this thread :( :cry: so do me a favor play the level and someone please post so it gets advertised a little bit more PLEASE! i am really desperate, it is actually an ok level it is just that it has not been played because no one knows about it. Cheers!

11-16-2008, 12:51 AM
It helps if you post some pictures or a video. Anything for people to get a taste and see if they want to take the time to search for it and play it.

It's not because people don't like your level. It's because there are too many levels on this site and to play them all would take forever. But, for you, I will try to play it and leave some feedback.

EDIT: It was good, but I'd say that it is too hard. I got all the way up to the puzzle, but I just didn't want to do it. It's cool, but that many pieces would take forever and I just refuse to do it. I'd rather quit the level than to try to build that puzzle lol. At least make the pieces square or something and not those weird shapes.

Other than that, I thought the overall difficulty was rough. I would consider changing the checkpoints into double checkpoints.

The obstacles were fun though. I liked the giant spinning circle although I found a way to cheat it. I just went into the front plane and jumped as far as possible before grabbing at the last second. I ended up jumping all the way through to the second inner most circle.

11-16-2008, 07:32 PM
ok i will post some help for the puzzel section but i do not have the gear to take pictures or make a video. and i will make changes to the checkpoints so thanks for that and for helping me with that but i would enjoy some more feedback from the rest of you if possible

as for the puzzel there was a riddle to it. "If you see and read backwards than easy this puzzel is." Knowing the answer to this really REALLY helps and i will tell you all the answer just to make it easier for you all. What it means is that the pices in the pieces box or opposite and corrospond to that in the puzzle. SOoo, the first piece that you would want to put down is the one in the bottom right of the puzzle well if you take that riddle in mind then the top left puzzel piece in the puzzel box is in the top left... ok that seems complecated but using that same concept if you were to go from left to right all the way down as if you were reading a normal book (not manga) and then in the puzzel all the pieces will be going in the opposite direction from right to left and from bottom to top.

this is a 4x4 puzzle and there are 3 challenging pieces for the puzzle the second row and 3rd piece (i will use the order that you will place the pieces if you follow the riddle to make it easier on yourself) and for that you need to pull out the 2 bottom pieces on the left and then push those 3 in. and then the next hard piece is 3rd row piece on the far left: you have to literally swing that piece in and do it that way. and then the last hardest piece is the top row second piece from the right: and you can just put that piece in best you can and then take the last two and put them as best as you can where they are supposed to be (i used keys and key switches and i put them in the middle) so try and get the middle of the last 2 pieces over the middle of where they are supposed to be and you can then head left and finish off.

if anyone who can record for me and wants to record for me i can help you all with the level and the puzzle at the end with all of the tricks that i know of so that you do not die at it but the riddle does help and just look at what i said if you need help


P.S. I found a better way to cheat the spinning wheel but i will not tell you as in that would take a way from the fun