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02-04-2011, 08:03 PM
Hey, when I was making a menu screen for my current level, I had to look around for tutorials for hours to find out all the different things I needed to know, about movie cameras, different control buttons, and even sackbots, so I decided that as soon as I had figured it out, I would write an in-depth tutorial about it, so here goesÖ

Right, now every gameís start screen has several options to select, so first off we need to design our menu screen. Here is mine, and for the sake of this tutorial, itís a 2x2 grid for a zombie survival game, with play, options, info, and team. (In this instance I have used neon bevel which can be turned on and off, but you may want to use holo to surround you selection, or other materials that can be turned on and off) Remember to always have the grid on, just for precisionís sake. Now pop down an entrance with a DCS mounted on it. The settings that you need for it are: remote control set to transmitter, disable popit controls set to yes, set trigger radius to around 10, and automatically enter to yes as well. Remember you donít need any logic in this one at all


Now we will need 4 micro chips, one for each selection, in a vertical row. we will name them main menu, info, options, and team. Main menu must be at the top.
In each microchip we put a dcs set to receiver WITH THE SAME FREQUENCY AS THE ONE ON THE ENTRANCE. these will be our different control schemes.
Now put down a selector with 4 outputs/inputs, and wire them up to the microchips activate input so no wires overlap.
now lay down a battery and put it in the first input of the selector.
For the other inputs, we will want to pair up a toggle gate with an OR gate for each one. So that the output of the or gate is the input to the toggle, and the output to the toggle is the inputs of the selector, like soÖ


Now for the main menu, you want to open up the microchip and then the circuit board for the dcs that is inside the microchip. We want to add a movie camera and wire up the ďactiveĒ output to it. (the active output is in-between where the start button and the select button should be) the movie cameras settings should be: Hold time Infinite, disable controllers no, and skippable no.
Now for the logic. Inside the main menu microchip, we want 2 selectors, each with 2 outputs and inputs. You want the output of the left stick(Left right)of the dcs in the main menu mc to the cycle of the bottom selector, then the left stick (Up down) to be linked to the cycle of the other selector. Here is a video here that may help. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVhaxKZpl0k
Now map up 4 AND gates in a 2x2 grid like the menu, and wire up the left output of the bottom selector to the two left most AND gates, the right output of the bottom selector the two right-most AND gates, the bottom output of the top selector to the two bottom-most and gates, and the top output of the top selector to the top two and gates, here Is a screenshot. I have colour coded the selectors so it is easier to see. The circuit nodes arenít necessary, they just clear it up.


So people know which option they are selecting, we need to wire up each AND gate to their corresponding selection. I then added another microchip INSIDE the main menu one, and inside there I put another 2x2 grid of and gates there, this will be the actual selection. For these AND gate inputs we need the outputs of the corresponding AND gates from before and the x button from the main menu dcs. Now, for the inputs of that selector from before. We want it so that when their cursor is over their selection AND they press x it activates another menu screen or starts playing. So we put the out put of those and gates into one of the inputs of the OR gates so that like mine, when the bottom left AND gate is activated, the toggle is on, and the selector selects the Options microchip is activated. Leave the output of the play button for now, that has a different part to play. If you like, you could play a confirmation sound when one of the second set of AND gates are activated but I didnít here.


Thatís the main menu effectively finished, now we move onto the Info page, there is more than one way to do this, but the easiest is doing a cinematic. Open up the Info microchip, now, we want no wires leaving, because thereís no need for the player to control anything here.
Iím not going to make one as it is quite easy and there is probably a tutorial on cut scenes somewhere, but remember, when the cut scene is finished, you want something to activate the other input to the OR gate near the main selector, to activate the toggle and making the selector go back to the main menu.

Now, the options menu, not quite as hard as the main menu, depending on what options you need, but first off you will need a screen for it. Try and make it the same theme as the main menu, just for aesthetics.
Here is mine:

What I want the controls to be in mine are, left stick to move up and down, x button to toggle and x button on the back button to return to the main menu.
To start we want a movie camera connected to the active slot of the dcs in the options mc. Same settings as before, but now focused on the options screen. I added a micro chip for all the logic in this menu.
To start we will need a selector on the far right with three input/outputs, one for each option. This is the UP/DOWN selector. The cycle input for this is the left stick up/down. Link the three outputs to three different AND gates and the three different pieces of neon bevel like in mine. Make the other inputs to these AND gates be the x button from the OPTIONS dcs.
First the music, make a selector with the number of inputs being how many songs you want the game to play, I used five.
Link the 5 outputs to five different songs, and the cycle input of the selector is the top AND gate from before.
Weather now. Same as the music one, but the cycle input of this selector is the second AND gate from before. The outputs are 3 different lighting tweakers.
Finally the back button. This IS the third AND gate, and the output for this goes down into the OR to Toggle back at the main page.


Team now. The best way I found to do this was like so. First build a screen, with a little alcove in it, here is mine. ( I would suggest you have the up/down indicators too.) Also set this timeís camera to it.


Lot of logic in this one, so set up a microchip at the menu and letís get started.
First off we fit up the indicators, so in the TEAM microchip, put in a directional splitter. Wire up the left stick (Up/down) to the input of this. Put the positive output to the top indicator and the negative output into the bottom indicator.
Now in the microchip that is on the teams page, we need a vertical selector with as many inputs/outputs as characters you want. I will use three. Set the cycle input of thi to the left stick up/down. Now we need a three input OR switch in this mc with all three inputs being pulsers (Counters set to one with their output linked to their reset) the inputs to these pulsers are the three outputs of the selector. Add a tag of your choice and connect the output of the or switch to it. Below this all you want a series of three timers all set to 0.1 and input action start counting up. Link the outputs of these to their resets. inputs of these are the outputs of the selector. Each timer links to an emitter with the following settings: all velocities set to zero. Lifetime infinity, input action emit once, Max emmited at once = 1 and create effect either appear or expand.


For the actual characters, we need three sackbots, all of the same size that vaguely fit in the little alcove. In the circuit board you will want a tag sensor that detects the one from the previous circuitry, radius around 30, linked to a destroyer, with either disappear or shrink. Pop all three off screen and design all the costumes Depending on the kind of game. Here are mine.


Capture each sackbot as an object, and load each one into the emitters that are in the mc on the team menu. To make this your character, make each selector output lead to an AND gate and to an emitter each, the other AND gate input being the play button output.

Thanks for reading this tutorial and I hope that it helped you, if you need help, or have anything to contribute, ask and I will try to help/add it to the OP. Thanks again


02-05-2011, 01:17 AM
Wow. I think I'll make one myself, your method sounds hard...
I have an easy one. Just put the options with a button icon next to each, make each button do something.
Or if you want a selection system, just put them vertically, and mke UP and DOWN cycle through them. Why make this so hard ?

02-05-2011, 08:01 AM
i guess the reasone i made it hard is so that people could find the easier stuff even easier.
and this version is like an actual game menu, if you have to run around to jump on buttons then its not.
and i know the grid is harder. i wanted to show the grid of options because if somebody can do the harder one they can do both the eaisier one and the hard one.
thanks though.

02-05-2011, 09:01 PM
Oh, I meant link DCS buttons to options, not LBP buttons! But yeah, I looked back at the post, and it is a big menu, so I guess it is normal to find it hard.
I made a funny menu. Pressing arrows cycles through magnetic keys, making a sackbot run in the menu towards them. Pressing X makes the sackbot grab the selected option, activating a grab switch.

02-06-2011, 07:02 AM
AHHH ok, i see now.
but if we make the main dcs control things then we cant do multiple control schemes, you see?
if we do one dcs we only get one control scheme and one menu

04-24-2011, 04:56 AM
sorry but what is dcs?

04-26-2011, 12:05 AM
DIrect control seat. Controllinator if you prefer. Find it in the logic tools.
By the way, you can place microchips on a DCS, each microchip using controller inputs to control a menu. Then hook a selector to all of them and allow them to come back to the previous menu with the selector. I don't know if you understand...

02-24-2012, 07:48 AM
Thanks soooo much for the help.

03-11-2012, 10:06 PM
What ever happened to Silver Scorps YT menu ? Did he high tail it out of LBP & take all of his goodies with em ?