View Full Version : Koyo and the Beast and Red Hornet and the Claw

02-15-2011, 04:31 PM
Is it OK is this is hosted on another site? You're rules on advertising are stricter that what I'm used to. Seems creative writing is big here, so if it spreads and this is deleted (fair duce btw) I shall move it over here.
Overview as follows:

Koyo and the Beats is a partially Minecraft inspired fantasy story about the accidental release of a horrible force of destruction into the underwater paradise of R'Lyeh Alpha.

And Red Hornet and the Claw has superheroes.
-Thinking about it, this will get better, now the story is hollowed out. Also, these update alternately, but on no regular basis.

Anyway, hope you enjoy or at least read. Cat out.