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02-15-2011, 07:12 PM
This may not seem particularly useful as the general consensus seems to be wanting to control multiple sackbots from one controlinator (see the thread (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?46598-How-to-toggle-between-multiple-sackbots-using-the-same-controllinator) by spike1986).

This tutorial shows how to change between controlinators on a single sackbot. This could be used to expand the number of buttons on the controller, for example, by toggling to another controlinator who's keys have been mapped to other commands. It's up to you really to see where this can be taken.

I do not consider myself a savy creator so if you find any problems or improvements, feel free to make them known : )

I labeled my microchips and controlinators with () solely for reference purposes and are not necessarily needed

1 | Put down a controlinator(1) and inside that, put a selector with two outputs. (It's up to you if you want to have the controlinator follow the sackbot, there are many tutorials out there. For my preference, I kept it fixed)
2 | Get a sackbot and put two microchips(1 and 2) and another controlinator(2) on its board
3 | In microchip(1) put another two controlinators(3 and 4)
4 | In microchip(2) put another two controlinators(5 and 6)
5 | On controlinator(1) wire up a button of your choice to the cycle selector input
6 | Hook up one output of the selector to microchip(1) and the other output to microchip(2). Make sure you don't link the microchips to the same output which is an easy mistake.
7 | On controlinator(1) change the control setting so it transmits the blue colour (you can pick the colour provided you pair the correct colours together)
8 | Now on microchip(1), change the setting of controlinator(3) so it receives the blue colour and do the same for microchip(2), controlinator(5)
10 | On microchip(1), change the controlinator(4) setting so it transmits the orange colour and repeat for microchip(2), controlinator(6)
11| Open both controlinators (should be 3 and 4) in microchip(1) and hook up the active controller output for controlinator(3) and link to to the controller input of controlinator(4) (For those who don't know the controller input/output button is the circular black button above the PS3 type looking button for tilt)
12 | Do the same thing to link controlinator(5) to controlinator(6)
13 | Go to controlinator(2) (which should be on the sackbot along with the microchips) and change the settings so it receives the orange colour

This is pretty much it but I will also prove it works

14 | Create a two led lights one on top of the other and place them somewhere and set the light colour to orange
15 | Create another two lights one on top of the other and place them alongside the previous lights with the colour blue
16 | Link up active controller output of controlinator(4) to the top left orange light
17 | Link up the active controller output of controlinator(6) to the top right blue light
18 | Go back to controlinator(4) and link up the X button to the bottom left orange light
19 | Go to controlinator(6) and link up that X button to the bottom right blue light

When your toggle button is pressed, the selector activates microchip(1). The first controlinator receives the blue signal from the very first controlinator the sackboy is inside, and relays it onto the second controlinator in that microchip which sends out an orange signal. The top left orange light lights up to show you that is the current active controlinator. Pressing X will also trigger the second orange light to flash on and off. The controlinator sends its signal to controlinator(3) where movement is detected allowing you to control the sackbot. Pressing your toggle button will switch the active microchip over so you now control it with the other controlinator. The blue light becomes active to show it is a different controlinator and the pressing X will flash the bottom right blue light.

This proves that the X button has performed different functions for the same sackbot whilst allowing you to still control the sackbot.

Sorry if this is long winded but I like to be thorough and I know there are many amateurs out there including myself and I find explained tutorials are much easier to understand.

02-16-2011, 09:30 PM
thanks man, believe it or not, this was really helpfull :)

but, i think you should add some pics so people can see what are you talking about, i mean, this was really helpfull, but with so many controllinators i got confused :p

but thanks a lot :D