View Full Version : Selector-based Counter/Timer Display (video tutorial)

02-16-2011, 03:37 PM
Here you go:



Since i sux in english talking here you got summery:

-Make some fancy numbers for you display
-You make display for each digit by plunging each selector output to corresponding number hologram
-When done overlap all holograms in one point
-Copy what you made that many times as digits that you need
-Chain selectors by plugging 0 output to cycle of next one starting from smallest digit (once)
-Cycle input of first digit is trigger of your counter
-Since selectors will be set to 0 at begining they will trigger cycle when you unpause the game, so remeber to manualy set them back
-now you got now ready disply that counts once tens hundreds and more
-By plunging looped timer as a trigger you turn you counter in to timer display
-you can decrease number of ports in tens of seconds and minutes to 6
-You can add blinking ticker by:
-Pluging Toggle to timer
-Setting timer to 0.5s plunging output to input inverting it and set input action to Forward/Backward
-You can add timer/count related events by AND gating specific outputs of selectors
-You can set the counter state by sending signal to inputs, you reset counter by sending signal to 0 inputs, but remember to send it for little longer so they wont trigger cycle
-To reverce counter to count down you just reverse cable order on display
-This solution only allows to set number and +1 and -1

Things that i forgot to say:

-I placed those selectors in microchip because activation inputs of them allows to turn off and on the display
-you can remove unneeded zeros by not gateing next 0 and and gate and gate with current 0. So if next digit is 0 it wont display 0 this digit