View Full Version : How To Make a Player/Tag seeking Plasma Ball!

02-21-2011, 05:23 AM
This is probably the easiest tut I will ever post. You need:
1 Follower
1 Plasma Ball
1 Tag (optional)

Place your Plasma Ball. Now place the Follower on it. Tweak it. Set the minimum detection range to 0, and maximum to whatever you please. Set the acceleration to 100% and pick the speed. If you want it to follow a tag, place your tag now. Go back to your follower, and tweak it again. Set it Follow Tag to yes, and set the color to match your tag. Tada! It should follow any player, or the tag you placed. (TIP: A Plasma Ball destroys itself on impact. To avoid this, (if you want) take out a Creatinator with it set to shoot Plasma Balls. Pause in Create Mode. Now, shoot the Plasma Balls to overlap each other, and save it. You now have a mass of plasma balls, which will last a while.)

02-21-2011, 01:05 PM
It will be fairly hard to dodge these. Even when their speed is not that high, they will be tough to jump over once they catch up with you.

I made a homing missile tutorial (sig.) that is basically: Look At Rotator (pointing up, limited rotation speed) + Basic Mover (moving up, fairly speedy, local space). Though a plasma ball facing you is not as distinguishable as a missile, the mechanic still works and makes for a decent target seeking projectile that is not too hard to avoid, give or take a few tweaks.