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03-04-2011, 10:23 PM
I have now released my hover system into LBP2. With my system, you can get any vehicle to hover above any material & water at a preset distance. The system will also allow your vehicle to climb walls & even the ceiling. It's a level named "Hover-Tech Tutorial". Its lbp.me code is "yhks66". This is the same system my Hover-Tank uses.

My hover-tank uses one of 2 different hover systems that I've designed. The first is logically simple and is more suited for less rugged terrain, but the second is more complex but allows your vehicle to climb ANY slope of terrain (even walls or upside-down). Both systems use the same method of levitation: holographic material. The levitation method uses 2 holoblocks, one on top and one on the bottom, both with impact sensors. The top holoblock determines how far your vehicle gets from the ground ("cushion") & the bottom holoblock tells if you're touching the ground (floor "contact"). The 1st system uses only one set of these, while the 2nd uses 2 sets. The next step is to take out a direction combiner. Wire up the cushion impact sensor to the positive input and then invert the output of the contact impact sensor & wire it up to the negative input. Then you wire the output of the direction combiner to the vertical input of an advanced mover (speed and strength of mover is determined by how fast you want it to go & how steep the terrain). You then glue the 2 holoblocks to your vehicle (you can shape the holo however you want, as long as the 2 don't overlap too much). For optimal performance, attach a gravity tweaker to your vehicle (100% anti-grav & set dampening to how fast you want it to slow down). You can then set all this logic into a controlinator (except impact sensors) and then you can wire the buttons you want for the horizontal input of the advanced mover. Don't forget to place a gyroscope as well, so it doesn't tilt.
The second hover system uses more than twice as much logic as the first & includes an advanced rotator, but a gyroscope is not required. First, place 2 sets of cushions & contacts. Then, wire up the 2 cushions to an OR gate and wire up the contacts to a NOR gate (inverted OR gate). Take out a dir. combiner again & wire the OR gate to the positive input & the NOR gate to the negative input. As before, wire the combiner to an adv mover (with LOCAL setting). Now, take out an adv rotator & set it to a low speed (around 100, depends on how fast you want it). Take out another combiner and wire it to the rotator. Then, wire the right cushion to the negative input of the combiner and the left cushion to the positive. As usual, make sure your vehicle is 100% weightless. You can then wire up your horizontal movement to the same mover or you can wire it to a different mover for a different speed. All the settings for the mover and rotator can be tuned for different effects, such as low "slow-down" setting on the mover can make the vehicle float up & down. I strongly suggest you experiment with the settings, especially since they will vary according to your vehicle's size, speed, how steep of terrain you want it to go over, and how far you want it to stay above the ground. If you want your vehicle to travel over water, simply place the impact sensors into a microchip along with water sensors and wire them to an OR gate, then use the OR gates' output for the system. If there are any problems building either system I'll be glad to help :)

03-05-2011, 02:55 PM
are the hover chips available in the level because these small tutorials seem nearly impossible to follow...

03-05-2011, 11:28 PM
yes, all the logic you would need are in the level, as well as how to wire them

03-06-2011, 01:18 AM
Yes! Just what I needed for my level :D (of course i'll give credit)
*adds to queue*

03-06-2011, 01:27 AM
SO MUCH BLACK!!! You really need to space that description out more.

Queued up.

03-06-2011, 06:41 AM
Yea, i'm not very good at explaining things without providing visual info, i'll take some pictures the next time i'm online.

03-06-2011, 09:07 AM
i can easily get my head round this tutorial by drawing the logic on paper. including a model drawing of the vehicle and a drawing of the controlinator's microchip controller in the bottom left corner for easy step-by-step guide. just take your time reading it adding logic to your paper. read each section twice. thanks for this tutorial! :p

03-06-2011, 04:36 PM
No problem. Drawing always helps with logic but something I forgot to mention in the tutorial is that the placement of the mover(s) & rotator should be between the 2 sets of holoblocks and slightly above the cushion holos. If your controlinator is noticeably off-center, then I suggest you place a microchip in that area and place the mover & rotator there. Symmetry is important in the layout of the hover system, but you don't have to change the design of your hover vehicle.

03-06-2011, 06:09 PM
Great job, but how can you make a sackbot levitate at a preset distance?
You can't attach holograms to it :/

EDIT: I attached the holo to the sackbot w/ a rod, and it doesnt work :( (I tried following the 1st tut, 'cause the i need to purchase the Metal Ger Solid pack)

03-07-2011, 01:35 AM
I've honestly never thought of applying the system onto a sackbot, but I already got an idea of how it would probably work. I'll try it the next time i'm on LBP 2.

03-12-2011, 04:33 AM
Hover-Bot is now in the level. I don't explain it mostly cuz it would take a while to, but it's available as a prize at the end of the level.

03-12-2011, 01:39 PM
I will try it as soon as I can :D

03-13-2011, 03:30 AM
Interesting. This will come in great handy or an old LBP level I was working on that I hope to revive and finish one day. So... I guess with this system, the weight of the vehicle doesn't need to be taken into account... or does it? I was messing around with some techniques in the beta to for reliable hover-tech logic, but was met with some frustration due to my vehicle constantly changing configuration duing my build and being thrown off balance or having to constantly tweak the anti-grav settings. From your desctripion, this almost sounds like a system I could build as a template to just glue my vehicles to and use on any of them. Is this the case, or am I reading this slightly wrong?

03-13-2011, 10:19 AM
weight cant matter too much. i built a hover vehicle and it works because it activates a mover which pushes it upwards.. im sure weight cant ,matter...... then again.... when i had three players on it it sometimes hit the floor and didnt hover back up....... i don't know!!!??!!??

03-14-2011, 02:03 AM
Weight is not a factor in my hover system, since it simulates gravity when it is out of range from the ground. However, the vehicle must have gravity tweakers set to 100% weightlessness. One problem I have realized with the gravity tweakers is that they only affect the block they're placed on (unless set to 100% dampening), which would make it difficult to make a vehicle composed of many sections become 100% weightless. One way around this is to just use multiple gravity tweakers or place a tweaker on the largest individual segment of your vehicle (which should be relatively large when compared to the entire vehicle). My hover-tank has several segments to it, each large section with its own gravity tweaker. As for using my system as a template, that's exactly how I designed it to be. Another useful feature my hover system has is that you can freely change the shape & size of the holoblocks (as long as you keep the system in the correct orientation), which can often affect the performance of your vehicle.

03-23-2011, 08:09 AM
my vehicle was like avalon's hover platform

04-01-2011, 01:55 AM
I made my own vehicle, it worked GREAT. You might want to think about adding a game camera with Player Tracking though, because the Adv Rotator seems to make the camera 'stutter-step' (AKA skip, be choppy, you know what I mean XP)

04-04-2011, 04:37 AM
All you would need to do is alter the player tracking setting if you want to fix the problem. However, not all camera angles work effectively with my more advanced hover system (due to the fact that it can climb on walls and ceilings) so you would probably have to make a centered and zoomed-out view of your vehicle to get maximum effectiveness. My newest tank will replace my older one anyways & is improved over it in virtually every way, including camera functionality, so you could probably use its camera once I publish it and eventually make it available as a prize.

04-04-2011, 12:23 PM
This can be very funny to play with on My Moon!
The tutorial is explained in a big bunch of text but I still understand everything of it.

I will also try the level to look at the logics before trying to make one myself. :)

Thanks for the awesome tutorial! It will give me a lot of fun when I made my own Hower-Tech. :D

So, Level is queued up and great tutorial!
I'm gonna post a pic when my Hover-Tech is done. :D