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Shadow Wolf TJC
03-12-2011, 11:53 PM
Tired of having your important sackbots die from being shot by plasma, fire, or electric projectiles? Want to keep them, and other objects that have a projectile sensor on them, from being affected by said projectiles? I'll show you guys how it can be done.

1st, you'll need to create modified versions of the basic projectiles that you'll want the shield to block. Attach a microchip on each of your projectiles, then place an impact sensor (with "is touching" on) and a destroyer inside the microchip. Hook the impact sensor up to the destroyer. Now you have a projectile that'll be destroyed whenever it touches anything, including holograms. (Note: Since your emitters will not consider your projectiles to be the same as the original projectiles, these projectiles won't, by default, make a sound when they are created, though they'll still make a sound on destruction. Therefore, you may want to consider adding your own create sounds to your projectiles.)

However, if you want your projectiles to pass through certain holograms (namely the ones that aren't meant to be used as shields), then you'll need to place a tag on each hologram. (I label mine with the tag "hologram".) You'll also need to place an AND switch and an additional impact sensor (again, with "is touching" on) on your projectile's microchip. For this additional impact sensor, we'll also invert its output and set "require tag" on. For the tag that the sensor will try to detect, we'll choose the tag that we're placing on the holograms that aren't being used as shields. Hook up both impact sensors to the AND gate, and the AND gate to the destroyer, and there you have it, projectiles that will pass through some holograms, but not others.

If you'd like to take this a step further, by, say, creating shields that will block plasma and electric projectiles, but not fire or water projectiles, you can do that. What we could do is open our microchip and clear it out, leaving just the destroyer and our impact sensor that detects impacts from anything, and doesn't have an inverted output. Next, we'll set the impact sensor's "require tag" option on, and set it to detect objects that have a certain tag (such as "plasma shield", "fire shield", etc.). Hook the impact sensor to the destroyer, and now, you have a projectile that'll be destroyed whenever it comes into contact with any object, including holograms, that possess a certain tag.

Now, for the shields themselves. All you need is a piece of holographic material that occupies 1 or more thick layers that can cover whatever it needs to protect. Place a microchip on the center of the shield, and a follower (and whatever tags you need) inside the microchip. Set the follower so that it follows whatever you want it to follow (whether it's the player or a sackbot with a certain tag), changing layers when necessary. Voila, a personal anti-projectile shield to protect important sackbots from harm.

Disclaimer: Personal anti-projectile shields cannot protect against hazardous surfaces like burning, electrified, or plasmified objects, explosives, horrible gas, spikes, being crushed, drowning, falling behind other sackfolk, self-destructing, destruction of controlinators while they are being used, activation of destroyers on sackbots, or being shot by a projectile that doesn't have the proper logic. Shadow Wolf TJC accepts no responsibility for the death of sackfolk or sackbots from exposure to such hazards while the shield is functioning correctly, or from any deaths should the shield be created improperly.

03-14-2011, 06:07 PM
Wow this is long but very helpful thanks for the post!! :)

03-14-2011, 09:48 PM
Its helpful i won't ever use it but it is helpful.

03-14-2011, 10:28 PM
Nice, thanks Alot.

Shadow Wolf TJC
03-16-2011, 05:19 AM
Not a problem guys. I myself needed to develop a way to protect my friendly NPCs from "friendly fire", as the character would be able to shoot lethal projectiles such as fire, electricity, and plasma. I figured that destroying these projectiles before they ever struck a friendly NPC would do the job. (Now if only I could find a way to keep these friendly NPCs from being destroyed by explosives...)