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03-28-2011, 04:11 PM
This is my first tutorial guys, its only simple, but hopefully it will be of help in games creation :-)

Ok Start by building the room- Turn on the large grid in the options. Make a block out of cardboard:sandpaper and make it 6 large grid squares wide by 4 large grid squares high. Make this flat and move it to the very back layer (this will be the back wall).
Next, switch on the small grid in th options. Select the light matter material and make a flat 1x1 square of it in each corner of the flat sandpaper background (I will explain how everything works at the end)

Now, Make a 2x2 block of sandpaper material, one layer in thickness, starting bottom corner, exactly in front of (lined up with) the bottom corner of the flat back wall. Draw the wall to match the back wall up,across and down. so basically it will be a hollowed-out recangle the same dimensions.
Now, select this block and copy it. move it to the second layer and place it exactly in front of the other.
Select this layer and copy again and place it in fornt of that layer,
You should now have a room made out of -1 flat back layer with a little flat square of light matter in each corner, and 3 layers of 'walls' lined up in front of them. Now glue each layer to the next, one at a lime, and glue the back block layer onto the back flat layer. That is the basic room made and when you unpause the room will stay put.

1. The room stays where it is and wont fall to the ground because of the 2 flat lightmatter squares on the back flat wall. So making an object out of the whole room and copying it means that you can paste a copy of this room anywhere you like and you wont need to worry about glueing multiple rooms togeather, just put them beside each other.
2. The reason the walls are made from 1 thick layers instead of a 3 thick layer is that you can cut out doors or that quickly without affecting the other layers so you coul cut out a door on different layers.
Also, the reason for 3 layers glued insead of 1,3 thick layer is you can insert other walls (like the vack flat one) between the layers- this can be used to make a flatter room or a room behind a room- just cut a door out of this flat wall, instead of the side walls.

I hope I explained it clearly enough, but any problems, just look me up on little big planet 2, in game. I'm on most nights around 10pm G.M.T.
Any problems lust ask :-)

lol,,,,PS. Excuse spelling mistakes.