View Full Version : Aqualia-Yeah, it's coming to PS3

03-29-2011, 05:58 AM
Hi Guys! Some of you may know me from the PSP side of the force, I've had LBP and LBP2 for a while noe but have not bothered to make any levels on them because I find it easier on the PSP. ANYWAY, I've decided to make a level on LBP2, based ont the upcoming second level in the Sacky series: Sacky-Aqualia, now on LBP PSP we don't have water and so LBP2 has got to be the best place to make a level with the word Aqua in it, If you get what I'm getting at then you'll have a fair idea of what the level is like. I'll post some pictures in the near future of the PSP version. Thanks - LeKiwi