View Full Version : Invisible Controlinator Glitch

04-02-2011, 08:42 AM
I accidentally found a glitch that creates an invisible Controlinator, or, more accurately, a square outline. I haven't found a use for it, which is why I'm posting it here in the hope that someone else might have more success. By the way, this is completely separate from just toggling the "Visible in Play Mode" option.

Basically, you make two Controlinators, one on a wooden block or whatever else suits you, it doesn't matter, and one in a Sackbot. Now, you've probably already guessed that the Sackbot one is a receiver and the outside one is a transmitter, like you were going to control the Sackbot. I'd avoid using a Sackbot that can get in a Controlinator because I don't know if it would affect the glitch. Then you blow them up. I use a destroyer set to explode, and, again, I don't know if using an outside explosive would do the trick. And the Destroyer has to be set to "explode" - while I was reverse-engineering the glitch (because it's the flaw in a level I'm making) I tried the other settings and it didn't work. Put the Destroyers in both Controlinators and stick a battery to them. Then unpause and, as soon as everything explodes, pause again and get out the object saving tool. There will be a small yellow outline if you did this all correctly, you can save it if you want but it seems to be completely useless. If you don't save it right away, it will break. If you catch it just before it breaks, it will be hyper-extended and ridiculously distorted, and if you select it, your Popit cursor will be lost off to the side of the screen forever. Well, not forever. The circle button won't save you but rewinding will.

I mentioned before how this broke one of my levels, and while this glitch has no apparent upsides, there's a thorny downside, at least for me. I was trying to get my control platform to explode when the controlled Sackbot died and visa versa if something happened to the control platform. This was so that when the Sackbot died I would die too, so that I'd respawn and get a new Sackbot. The problem arose when the Sackbot fell in water and the control platform exploded, but I didn't respawn. I found out later while debugging that I didn't actually die, as the Controlinator was just invisible. I suppose it didn't break because I was inside. So if there's any use for this glitch, it's just to make people mad - I know I wouldn't like it if I died and the game just stopped wherever I died and I had to "Return to Pod" to get out of the level.

So, yeah, sorry there aren't any pictures. If you want a more in-depth interview, look up my profile in LBP2. I only have one level and it showcases the glitch. It has the same name as this post. One last thing, if anyone out there finds any good use for this glitch, please tell me. If you implement it in a level, I'll gladly play it.