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04-11-2011, 10:41 PM
Oddesy to

March 14, 2642. Location: Derno 5 Prision Ship (Firl Galaxy) {Cut Scene} Starts with Prision Ship in space camera scrolls up and your ship (U.S.S Ralgion) flys into view. Camera switches to an inside the bridge view. "Derno 5 in sight, beging aproach", the pilot brodcast over the intercome. Shows the commander looking at a clip board. Commander then walks to the window of the ship. Commander talks into radio, "This is the U.S.S Ralgio, requesting docking permission on Derno 5, over". Radio buzzes, then a voice says, "Docking Granted, intiating Dock Bay D. Camera zooms out and shows the Ship docking.

Level links you to actual game.

{1st level} You start in the Air lock of your ship as it scans you, then opens the door. You walk along admiring the amazing art, then come into a corridor, you aproach the visitor desk. "Who would you like to visit today?" A Women ask sitting at the desk. "Darl Green, please", you reply. The women then says, "Ah Darl, what a trouble maker he is, alright let me see... (Looks at computer) ...Here we are, he is at Cell block B, the 3rd cell." (The rest is to come in a later update, how do you like the story so far, rember this is trying to describe in words without giving out the story.)

The game is going to be a platforming game with great art, and a great story.

This is embarassing but i forgot to add the title!