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04-18-2011, 05:30 PM
The search function did give me anything so here goes:


OK: The gray represents hologram material, The yellow represents the microchip (For aesthetics not used in this tutorial) the green bar represents the timer health bar(Great tutorial found here) the blue circle is a tag senor and the blue box is the tag.

Simply all you have to do is put a destroyer on the hologram material and connect it to a tag sensor, Then make another health bar as shown in picture 2, I found the easiest way is to have the second larger bar (and holo etc)emit when a switch is activated (That can be replaced by whatever mechanism you wish) when it does the first bar is destroyed leaving you with the bigger one, repeat this for as many times as needed.

Notes: To make double sure it works I put a destroyer on both my hitbox (if you use one) hologram and the hologram that the energy bar sits on.
Notes 2: In the second picture it has the same color tag as the sensor, Obviously you would change this tag ( I suggest naming it).

I've published a level titled "Upgradeable Health bar Demo".