View Full Version : If You've read Malice (The Book), You're Gonna Like This.

04-21-2011, 02:09 AM
if you haven't read Malice or Havoc, or you forgot what it's about, its about these 2 kids who get sucked into a deadly comic strip. There, they fight to survive in 6 different domains: The DeadHouse, The Craigs, The Oublitte, The Acropolis, The Burning Lakes (I think), And the Labyrinth. Each domain had its own ruler. The Oublitte was guarded by The Lack, The Craigs guarded by Crowfinger, The Labyrinth was guarded by the Cripplespite, the Acropolis was guarded by the Queen of Cats, and the most powerful, the guardian of the Burning Lakes, The Shard, and Tall Jake, the guardian of the Deadhouse. When Tall Jake plans to take over Malice, Crowfinger is killed, Cripplespite dissapears, The Lack and the Queen of Cats go into hiding, and The Shard becomes an egg, waiting to hatch. When the kids enter Malice, they meet Justin, and they learn about the truth Malice. After seeing Seth's (The Main Character) best friend, Luke, killed in Malice, Seth, Justin, Tatyana (ClockWork Lion Thing) And a group who rebels against Tall Jake, Havoc, decideds to team up and destroy Tall Jake once and for all for killing all of those innocent people inside Grendel's comic (The creator) ----- This is based on a Fiction book (Not real) There will be different levels based on the different events, in order. In order to get to the next level, you must beat the level you are currently are on. Every time you enter my level, (Which will be called Malice) You will start out in the Bathysphere, where you will be in a submarine. (Havoc's base.) In this mini introduction, you can explore the submarine, and in each room there will be a level for the event in the story. (Basically, you will be able to go through different level links in different rooms to go to an event in the story) Sorry if this sounds confusing, fill free to ask any questions. I hope I dont give up/ Get bored of this project... It sounds cool even though its mine:p

04-21-2011, 02:59 PM
in the submarine, are you talking about a sort of Level Hub/Warp Room? I look forward to see how this turns out... it seems interesting

04-21-2011, 09:33 PM
Yes, it is a level hub. :)