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05-07-2011, 01:34 AM
These are just some things I have been working on, the first one is from back on LBP1 and the second one is another boss. I am not very creative and that is why what i lack in artistic ability I must make up in logic, neither of these Bosses have made it out into the public because I dont think either of them are creative enough to be out there so be expecting some more very soon as I have many in the works and I have the help of my good personal friend TDS95 to help me create these bosses

The Azure


This is my delayed project of LBP2. From a level called "Azure Cavern" I was about half way through when one day I went in and random things were missing, Sadly it ruined my spirits and I just left it. However with much free time coming up I might rethink about opening it up. The boss was something I was somewhat proud of. The boss had 3 stages. The first was what is in the picture. His head rotates and shoots out lasers. His hands also randomly will shoot lasers (not lasers tho, I called them "Azurite Magic") Once you deal enough damage both hands strike the floor at the same time destroying it and dropping you down to the next area where there is a floating Blue ball. This ball of energy moves around and shoots lasers. You die if you touch it. At some points it will begin to spin rapidly and bounce all over the room. Once you deal enough damage the boss glows bright blue. The screen turns completly blue and when you can see again you are in a completely blue room with 0% gravity. There are now 8 glowing blue orbs. The will periodically shoot lasers and are also death if touched by the ground and walls have very little surface that is not electrified. Once you deal damage to these orbs they turn red. They stop firing lasers but still remain hazardous to touch. Once all 8 orbs are red they will dissapear into the wall for one final move. The camera changes and you can see a barrage of the blue orbs falling down, around 50. They are not slow but are not really fast either. Once avoided there will be one very slow moving orb that takes one shot and then hang in there for the epic final cutscene ( which i never got to lol )

Model X9Z


Made for a level I called "Warehouse 42" I am still thinking about going back and finishing the level because it is 3 levels long and with all the new logic of LBP2 I think it has potential. This boss is pretty cool because he has many different attacks. His basic attack is just a machine gun that is on a timer to fire for so long (didnt have timers back then so I had to make one lol). Next is his Electric Rod, he extends it and charges toward you. Next is his Photon Cannon. He moves back and his main cannon begins to glow, after a few seconds the gun releases a decimating laser that covers the whole map. He last attack is that he shoots the rockets on his back straight up off the screen. In about 10 seconds after some more machine gun shots, Lights will begin to flash and a barage of missles will rain down having a random chance of destroying part of the map.

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i think you switched the titles lol

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i think you switched the titles lol
thank you very much and yea your right, i fixed it now lol

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Wow! These bosses look awesome! You can tell just by looking at it that it was time well-spent :) It must have took awhile.. But the best things come from hard working dedication! :p Also, about the pictures, you can take an in-game picture, on LBP, go to the pictures menu, then push ♱ On the picture you just took, and then push "Upload to HDD" Then go to the the PS3 main menu>Pictures>Little Big Planet tm 1/2>Then if you have a USB, PSP, Or any USB device: Push △ on the picture, then copy to USB :) Then just plug it into your Computer, then copy/paste to your desktop, then you can go to Image Shack (http://imageshack.us/)


If you can't see all the little fancy details :p , just save the picture and zoom in. Also, don't push "URL" Bad mishap on my end :p Just keep it on "Image/Video" and after that, wait for it to upload, then it'll go to the image, and just click on the image and use the second clicker, and push copy, then just paste the URL on here :)