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05-19-2011, 04:55 AM
Hey guys.

I was thinking, and I have previously made a UFO in LBP2. It has Plasma lasers on both sides and fireballs that shoot from either side also; it has a weak gyroscope for balance, and controls very well.I have made a level where there are 4 of these UFOs (all different colors on the Projectile sensor, or health bar, Blue, Red, Green, and default. All of which take 30 hits) and they are pitted against each other. I have also implemented some water at the bottom, and have included a water sensor that makes the UFO electrify itself-- it can only last a total of 7 seconds in water (internal Timer) before it blows up. The lasers reach far, and are set to a timing on their Emitters for .3 seconds, for a slower firing time. The fireballs come out fast but last only a little while; so they are dangerous yet close range.

So now, I have made a 'Mother Ship' type thing, for people to go against people (one person to be Mother Ship captain, the rest to be in regular UFOs). I am now trying to make it so that only one person can get into Mother Ship, and the rest to be in the fighter UFOs. I thought about making a UFO at the beginning along with the others, that has no health bar, and can't shoot. Then, the player in that UFO would go close to the Mother Ship, it have a Tag activate it, and the small, useless UFO dies and the user gets automatically sent into the Controllinator in the MS. What do you think; any ideas on how to make the whole 'Getting into the MS' thing better?


05-20-2011, 12:14 AM
Bump... I need ideas!