View Full Version : Crime and Detection- A 1950's Police Life

05-22-2011, 06:27 PM
Hey guys, this is a thread on a lil game in working on...
Basically- Rookie cop Adam Coles joins the police force and slowly works his way up the ranks. In-game, you look for clues, talk to suspects, interrogate and more. Use evidence found in crime scenes to forcefully convict others, which we have actually successfully made. You can use intuitive to tell them whether they are lying or telling the truth. This leads to entirely new speech and can cause fights and chase scenes etc.

We are currently partway through Case one but i'm not going to explain that as it has a lot of mystery and secrecy within it. We have made an interrogation room and a crime scene, entirely from cardboard for the moment, but it looks great and should be up soon, so look out for it.

There will be twelve cases in total, each with a different story behind it- but totalling up to case twelve to solve one of the greatest mysteries of all. Within that you meet new friends...and enemies to talk to and gain information. If you want to help, leave a comment and PSM me: Wayneiscool

Thanks guys. Any more info you want will be given if asked for (: