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05-29-2011, 03:46 PM
This is an easy tutorial about how to make collectable orbs. What these do is when you collect them you get points. You can make an orb/secret counter to count how many you have found in the level by using comphermc’s YouTube tutorial, but for now we will focus on the secrets themselves.

What are Special Orbs/Secrets?:confused:

These are just little collectable items that creators can hide all over a level. Finding one can result in point rewards, prize unlocks, and/or area/level unlocks. Sometimes creators can use Special Orbs/Secrets to make a reward system. For example, If you collect (let’s say) 3 secrets, you get a small prize. If you collect 5, you get a medium prize, and if you collect all of them you get a BIG prize. You’ll recognize this system in Story Mode Theme FACTORY OF A BETTER TOMMOROW where you get rewarded for keeping more sackbots alive. This system can be very useful for those types of games.

So, how would I make one?

Well, first of all, you need to start with hologram. You can do this with sponge so that the player only collects the orb/secret if he/she grabs it, but that takes away from the ‘cool’ aspect of it. Here’s how to make one step-by-step. It should look like this when you’re done.
1) Make a (hologram) circle. Place a microchip right in the center of it.

2) Now place a PLAYER SENSOR on the microchip and tweak it so that it has the following properties; Same Layer: YES, Radius: MAKE THE RADIUS AS BIG AS IT NEEDS TO BE SO THAT IT LOOKS LIKE SACKBOY/GIRL TOUCHED THE ORB/SECRET TO COLLECT IT!!

3) Now place a SCORE GIVER on the microchip and tweak it so that it has the following properties; Score: WHATEVER YOU WANT, Give to: JUST YOU.

4) Now place a TIMER on the microchip and tweak it so that has it the following properties; Target Time: 0.1s, Input: START COUNT UP.

5) Now place a TAG on the microchip and tweak so that it has the following properties; Color: Whatever you want, Label: Secret

6) Finally, place a DESTROYER on the microchip and tweak it so that Rigid Connections is on YES (Rigid Connections makes it so that the destroyer destroyers whatever the object the destroyer is placed on is glued to), and its destruction visually pleases you. (SHRINK looks really cool. So does FADE)

7) Now wire the following to the following;


8) OPTIONAL* If you wish to make your Special Orbs/Secrets unique, decorate them! Add special animations. For mine, I made it so that it has a happy sack-face on it and it has the word ‘Special’ circling around it perfectly.

The Logic should look like this.


The timer has to be wired to the destroyer because the score giver won’t work if the destroyer is being activated at the same time the score giver is. The timer provides a split-second lag so that the score can be given before the Secret is destroyed. Plus, since it’s only 0.1s it doesn’t affect visual effects at all.

Wait! Tutorialist! Don’t go yet. What about the Reward System?

You think I forgot? For this a secret counter is optional. Like I said earlier, if you want to make a secret counter, check out comphermc’s YouTube tutorial. It’s called Secret Counters. He can teach you how to make one.
Once you have made your secrets (and your secret counter if you wish. You won’t need it to make the reward system), you’ll have to set up the logic for the reward system. Here it is, step-by-step. FOR THIS SIMPLE REWARD SYSTEM, I WILL HAVE 5 SECRETS IN MY LEVEL FOR THIS TUTORIAL.

1) Place a microchip. Then pull a TAG SENSOR (DON’T PLACE IT YET) and tweak it so that it has the following properties; Color: (Match this color with the color of the tags on the Special Orbs/Secrets you have made), Label: Secret, Radius: (preferably) 5000.0, Inverted: YES. Now place as many of these until you have 1 TAG SENSOR for each secret in the level (i.e. 5 TAG SENSORS FOR 5 SECRETS). Now tweak the TAG SENSORS again so that they have an order. The first TAG SENSOR will be Number of Tags Required: 1. Then the next, 2, then 3 (repeat this all the way to the last TAG SENSOR).

Explanation: What we want is for these TAG SENSORS to activate when a Secret is gone, or when a Secret has been collected (kind of like the Secret Counter). When 1 has been collected, the first TAG SENSOR will turn on. Then when another has been collected, the second TAG SENSOR will turn on, and so on, all the way to the top (Top=no secrets have been collected). What we want to happen now is when a certain amount of Secrets have been found, or when a certain amount of TAG SENSORS have been activated, a prize will be available at the end of the level.

2) Now place an OR gate with enough ports to accommodate for the amount of TAG SENSORS we have.
3) Now place a COUNTER. Tweak the COUNTER so that the Target Count matches how many TAG SENSORS you have on the microchip. Since this is a basic tutorial to show you how to make a SIMPLE reward system, I will have it so that it will only give a prize when all Secrets have been found. If you want an Advanced Reward System, use more secrets and put more than one COUNTER. Each COUNTER will activate a prize level in order from ‘minimum amount of Secrets found’ to ‘maximum amount of Secrets found’. A prize level is a level of prize(s) that will be activated in sequential order.

4) Now place 5 TIMERS (for 5 TAG SENSORS) and tweak it so that it has the following properties; Target Time: 0.1s, Input Action: Start Count Up.

5) There are many methods to drop the prize into the level so that the player can collect it. For this tutorial, I will use an EMITTER. Place an EMITTER and tweak it so that it has the following properties; Frequency: 0.0s, Lifetime: Infinite, Input: One-Shot. Now make your prize bubble and use the live emit feature in the EMITTER to capture the prize bubble and place it where you want it to emit.

6) Now wire the following to the following;




The Logic should look like this.


For multiple prizes in 1 prize level, place another EMITTER next to one of the other EMITTERS. It should look like this in the end.

7) OPTIONAL* You can add sound effects and visual effects like subtitles to notify you that you have found a certain amount of Secrets. It’s up to you.

This what it should look like in the end.
Pretend this is a level. Once you collect all the Secrets, then a prize bubble appears like this.
Wow Tutorialist! That’s quite a tutorial. Seems pretty simple… Is this something I can tweak to my heart’s content?

Why yes, of course! It wouldn’t be that great if you couldn’t add stuff to match your needs. I hope you guys see the potential this has. It could add a fun little touch to your future levels if you wish to include this in it.:royalty:

05-29-2011, 05:02 PM
Nice tutorial but perhaps don't use the caps key so much :p
I've made one which is infinitely expandable without editing any logic, just need to place extra secrets. Will post pics later :)

05-30-2011, 10:37 PM
Good I'll be using this in my RIO levels series maybe we can meet up and you can help if so thx .Just message me on psn