View Full Version : Very Simple Light Sequence

05-30-2011, 10:43 AM
Wonder how to make a sequence of lights go on, one after the other. Heres how (VERY SIMPLE)

1. Place your lights down separate.
2.Take a Sequencer and place it down
3.Take the same number of toggle switches as your lights (eg. 4 lights=4toggle switches)
4.Link the toggles up to a separate light each
5.Put the Toggles next to each other on the sequencer.
6.Shorten the Sequencer down so the end of the sequencer touches the edge of the last toggle switch.
7.Finally put a battery down for a constant on signal and then if you want set the sequencer in a loop.
Also if you want change the off colour.

Hope this helps those beginners. Or whoever.