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06-04-2011, 04:42 AM

Hey guys, tersock here. Me and my pals, StormShacer and Zelocksurian are making a Sonic game to celebrate the blue blurs 20th anniversary.

So the story is that Tails call over the gang to show them the manmade Chaos Emeralds he developed. He tests them on Sonic, but it goes horribly wrong, and an evil Super Sonic clone entitled, Fleetway Sonic is created. Of course, its up to Sonic and Shadow to stop him.

It is going to stretch a whopping 11 levels with 3 Adventure Fields to explore and find the next level in. There will be a soundtrack for this series (thanks to StormShacer) that will be compromised of classic, but mostly modern tunes.

1. Diamond Reef (Blue Azure World; Sonic Adventure) S
2. Colbalt Columns (Unawakening Float; Sonic & the Secret Rings) S
3. Standstill Tundra (Cool Edge; Sonic Unleashed) T
4. Union Metropolis (Grand Metropolis; Sonic Heroes) T
5. Eggman's Green Hill Simulation (Green Hill Zone; Sonic the Hedgehog) T
6. The East Aquaduct (Rooftop Run; Sonic Unleashed) S
7. Mt. Pyronica (Terminal Velocity; Sonic Colors) S
8. Stratia (Green Grove Zone; Sonic 3D Blast) T
9. Egg Fleet (Final Rush; Sonic Adventure 2) S
10. Down the Rails (City Escape; Sonic Adventure 2)
11. Fleetway Overlord (Sonic Boom; Sonic the Hedgehog CD) T

The sackbot used will be developed from scratch will all the functionality of Modern Sonic with homing attack, slide, ground slam, air dash, boost, Blue Tornado, and more! It will also feature components form old and new games such as ziplines, rainbow hoops, item boxes, emblems, dash pads, and much, much more!



The levels are due out this summer, most likely late June.

06-04-2011, 11:51 PM
Lol tersok when did we decide on the level plans?

Also, its chaos blast? LOL

Id also like to say the bot will be more modernized then other sonic bots, it will be faster and hold some of sonics newer features like a rainbow hoop and zipline.

The bot is making good progress, it will be done within a week or 2 so thus the TREAILER/INTRO will too! The 1st level can be set for 2-4 weeks from now.

And the levels arn't shadow or sonic they are a 2p switch between them. Once Sonic dies shadow reapears at the last checkpoint. And one he dies sonic reapears.

We are also considering adding an adventure feild.