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Common Ra
06-05-2011, 12:24 PM
Hey, well, this is the thread about my movie that me and another group of friends are making! Some I just met online, and others are from LBL community, so, I will see about posting some information about it!
First off, the intro to the game will be like the one in story mode. Playable, and it will have some fun stuff in it. Towards the end, there will be a fireworks show with other things as well. There will be lights and noises and explosions and all. The game itself is really just a copy of story mode, except the evil presence is a giant refrigerator called the Refriggeratortron, and has vacuums attached to it. His minions, Ice minions, do nothing but attack the new Alliance. Oh, there is also a new alliance because the old Alliance disappeared when the Refriggeratortron came to power. Sackboy has to find the new Alliance in order to save Craft World.
The main character is Sackboy, Tudor Stump, Lady Truffletun, Voldor Wikklesticks, and Arton Volumen. Sackboy has no voice in the movie... but the rest of them do. Tudor is kinda old, so anybody that can do a kinda Larry da Vinci voice is welcomed. Truffletun is young, and English, so anybody kinda close to, or can somewhat mimick, Victoria von Bathysphere is welcomed. Voldor is like Avalon, same thing as every one else... and Arton is older than Tudor, and he is like Dr. Herbert Higginbotham... But their areas are different that the story characters... Except Truffletun and Voldor, but Arton's is somewhat different, except for the space part. In his, he is located in a giant junkyard left by the Refriggeratortron, but they build a space ship there (will talk about after a bit) and go into space.
Anyone can join the movie. Wether you are a voice actor, want to help with the script/ story line, or if you are odd, and can't find a place in Craft World to show your stuff. These are the following categories that are in the movie (subject to change after a while, might possibly add to it... If a description is needed, just ask):
1. Voice Actors
2. Lighting
3. Explosions (timed explosions!)
4. Art (different types of moods will be needed)
5. Designing (making complex machines... or just decorating... or maybe even some cool looking holographic flowers or something...)
6. Timing (not what day it is! like, sequencers and all... ties in with the explosions, but with different sub categories)
7. Logic (both advanced and simple... ties in with timing and explosions, but with some more sub categories, just not a few in the explosions and lighting... more of the desgining.)
8. Clothing (ties in with designing, but deals more with the characters than the objects in the movie. I will post pictures of the characters soon, so that you can get a basic idea of what to do different)
9. Space Craft Design (yes, I know, it should go under designing, but this is so huge of a project, that is has its own little tab... The space craft is called Mother Goose... might just change it...)
10. Names (this is the category for people that are good for coming up with names... like a name for the Mother Goose... or some of the towns folk... talk about them in just a minute.)
At the end (like I said, this is practicly a copy of the game... that is what gives it its own characteristics...) there will be an emotional speech by a narrator (one of the voice actors... forgot to add him to the thing up above... will add more later.). I am working on making a different one right now, so, it should hopefully bring a tear and a feeling of being sad that the Alliance's story has to go away ( just like I do at the end of both the LBP games...). That is the type that I am working on right now. I will post it when it gets done so that you all may peer edit it, it may go through this about 5 times or so, depends on how it is rated every time, and how long and emotional it is... and I will be adding a blueprint (Yes, I am amazing at those) for something in the movie... I don't know what, possibly mother goos, but something... I will also post a picture of the Flying Machine... wonder what it does?

Here is the end speach. You may copy it, and post it back with corrections (color the corrections differently from the passage, so that I may see what they are.)

-Don't take poorly the satisfactory of the imagination of two, of three, or even of four, but simply bathe in its praise from the basic thoughts of the mind... purley magnificent, the working of thoughts dancing, twirling, spinning out of control in the working of the imaginary. Let them not sit in the empty corners of Craft World, sucked in by the lonelines of the imagination, but let them roam free, let them seek knowlegde, let them seek the wounderment of creativity, let them grow. Growing up, up, up into the Wonderplane, and spreading into the vastness of the Imagosphere, and turn into an amazing thing... the pure escense of beauty. Watch as it twirls, thrust, and races its way to the topest of the topest Imagospheronical Twist of dancing thoughts. But when they fall, do not simply let them fall and land on the earth, crushed by the gravity of reality, but simply help them up, and let them grow into the most wounderful thing you'll ever know... LittleBigPlanet.

That word Imagospheronical is pernounced (Imag-in Oh spher-e on small I sound eh, and cal, shorter call)
I will be posting more info for this tommorrow, so that I can get more info and see if anybody has edited this whil I am at school. Hope you all enjoy the movie when it is done! I will be posting the idea for the credits at the end... the originality will be amazing to it.

Here is a photo of Arton Volumen... He is still not completed completely, but this is as close as he will get right now...
Click image for larger version Name: Arton.jpg Views: 2 Size: 13.5 KB ID: 310

Hey, here is the ideas for the credits. When the whole entire ending is done, I will have the camera go down, and stop at a certain spot made out of light material on 0% or something that dark... but I find that to be good at things like that... Anyways, there will be a platform (kinda like in the game's ending...) where the characters come out at different times, and different lights do stuff witht that specific character. Then, for the credits themselves, I will have a sequencer and a lot of emiters that will emit the credits one by one with the sequencer... then, when it is over, the game will end... might be a short clip for the end of the movie at the end, where certain things happen... Very happy things.
I am now working on the preview thingy for the movie, and it looks good so far. I might redo it or add something here and there from now until I publish it. I really need some people that are good at scenery and hard work to make a movie that looks much like the story mode complexity and design. I can't work on the levels alone, or else they will look awful. During summer, I will have to see, I might be using a different account. I don't know. The internet will be beter, so it should be better to use. I will need some people that have also completed the game with everything. Like, aced, played, and got all the items in all of the levels. Voice acters are also needed. We only have one voice actor, and we need about five or six more... I'll post it in just a little while. Oh, and anyone with all of the glitches, like the one hundred layer glitch for parts in the movie. People good with lights or building things should really help. If anyone is good at making a train, car, and/or spaceship wants to help, you can help whenever. I believe that I might have an artist in LittleBigPlanet Two that can help with the scenery and emblem design and such, so I'll see as soon as I can possibly look it up on the PS3. Hey, is the Playstation Network up? I heard it is... I just don't know because I can't get on because of the Internet. Anyways, I will post the script like thingy soon, as soon as I have made it. Well, that is all that I have to say for now. I will also get a thingy up telling everyone who is/and/or is doing what in the movie. Oh, and I need everyone to send me a sackbot with your favorite costume on it, so that in the credits and begining, I can put you in. Oh, that was the other thing I wanted to talk about. In the game, in the very first level, remember the entry and all, and how cool it was? Well, I was thinking that Once we had everyone that wanted to join, well, joined, then we could work on it. I'll go on ahead and kind of work on it, but I think I'll leave it up to us to decide. The creadits are a different story, in the end, you know how the credits are going up, and the people from the movie are doing stuff in the background? Well, I have and idea that just might work!
Alright, what we need to do is make everyone's name and categories and such in letters in holo material, or light, whichever is better. I have the letters, we just need the people and the work that is needed to be put into it for it all to work. But anyways, when we have it all done, we could have the characters come out and do their things, and have a sequencer with batteries that will activate emitters that will one at a time emit the credit lines! (Wo Whoo! Alright, awful, time-consuming credits nobody reads, here we come! ) And at the end, have the LittleBigPlanet Two movie emblem. Huh, HUH, how does that sound? Pretty awsome to a slight degree if you ask me.
Well, that should do for now. I can't wait to have all of these people that might hopefully help! It will hopefully be very good, and lots of people should know about it when it is overwith. I'll get back to working on the trailer and script in just a while. Remember, anyone can join, as long as you are good at something, you can join! I know we will have fun working on this!Alright, I have a somewhat idea of the story for the movie that I will share with everyone! Well... not a 'story,' more of the basic outline of what will hapen.
After the defeat of the Negativitron, the Alliance thought it was over. It was not. His old energy has recreated a new one, the Refriggeratortron (spelled incorrectly because it should be!). A giant refrigerator. (Gasp!) He has reaked havoc among the fellow Craft World inhabitants. The Alliance has just disapeared withought a trace. Now, it is up to Sackboy to find the new Alliance and defeate the Refriggeratortron.
The first person lives in a forest, and they are attacked by the Refriggeratortron. The try to run away, but he creates a wind and blows them atop a mountain. The find a shelter and hide in it because it is raining or something. They find an elevator, and they go up and they find a magical flying car. (Harry Potter!) They get in it, and fly through the clouds in the night sky. They run low on fuel, and land in a place known as Queebar. The mayor finds them, and they meet. He is not part of the Alliance, but knows where they should go next to find the next person. They should go to the land of cake and steam. So they refuel, and head over a mountain range, and over a town. They are running out of fuel again, and end up crash landing in the garden of the castle of the land of cake and steam. They find the lady, and they get attacked again, and they are blown over a dessert, and are picked up by a flying ship. They are taken back to a place like Avalonia, and find another person of the Alliance. They get in a space ship to go to space to attack the Refriggeratortron, and crash land in a dumpster like area, and find the last Alliance member. They are all together, and they rebuild the space ship, and fly off to space to the Ice Planet, They get to the heart of the Refriggeratortron, and the first member and Sackboy disapear, and the Refriggeratortron sends them back to Craft World. Then, the Refriggeratortron tries to get to a gate called the Gate of Orithridon. It will take anyone that can open it to Earth. So he is trying to destroy Earth, so that Craft World can be demolished, and all he has to do is recreate it from Earth with the imagination of the people. They have to stop him, but they cannot because their places have been destroyed. The Refriggeratortron's assistant tries to open the gate, but is unsuccesful. So, they destroy it, and realease an open portal for them to get through. Then, the old Alliance comes from space and defeates the Refriggeratortron to retreate back to his planet. They then go back into space, and leave the new Alliance to do the rest of the work. They go to space to defeate the Refriggeratortron, and then they are all happy, and the old Alliance lands, and everything is good.
Well, that is it. If you want to know who the characters are, check the first page of the forum, I should have put it up there. I can't remember. But that is that. I might add more here and there, who knows. So anyone can join if they want to, we just need more people to help. If any group of people want to work on the credits while this is going on, just tell me, and I'll tell you what to put on it. I've got one muical guy working on this, but if more want to help, that is fine.
Alright, lets see what I can conjure up from the mind... Ah, I'll post the people that are in the movie making buisiness with me!
Here is who they are: Wwalding (me), Hunterevolution, Dead Phr3ak, T_Townsend, DiOxi, I_L_T_C_L, eliteharry117, Chaquan, and more on PSN that I cannot get to right now.
Where they are located:
T_Townsend, Wwalding/Dead Phr3ak
I_L_T_C_L as Arton Volumen
Helping with Advice and such:
eliteharry117, Chaquan/everyone else that wants to! (Wether it be online just to throw something in or what.
I'm going to have it just like the cover (The name), and then I'll add the movie part to it. Then, when I am through with the previews, I will work on the intro level, which will be (after much thought ) playable... Like the first level in the game. I will have all of the people that helped with the movie in it on their own little things... sounds confusing when I even type it! Don't worry, it will all make sense when the movie is republished... then again, it hasn't been deleted from online because I haven't been on to delete it all.
I have created some of the script for the movie, but I do not have it with me. So, I will have to do with my mind for a short while. I will not post it because it is not finished. The intro level will be needed to be worked on with the style of a movie theater design to it. Like, lights and all of that, like fireworks and contraptions and all. Stuff like that and all should be in it. I will need people to help me after a while with the intro. Some will not really have to help, while others will. Like my music friend, Hunterevolution, he doesn't have to help, but he can come and look to see what to make the music like for it. If he wants to help design it, then he can help with it. I do not mind. As long as some people are helping me with it, I do not care. Now, the theater that the people playing it will have to look really cool, and have nice theater chairs and all. Have some popcorn stands and all, soda, candy, bathrooms, stuff like that. Before the movie starts and all though, a large firework show should go on. Lots of lights and fireworks and all. Confetti and everything. Water, fire, electricity, plasma, light material, just a collection of everything bright and entertaining that we can throw in. :Lover: Ah, lights and all. Dark, right before a movie in LBP2, what a sight. I can't wait to work on it. Tomorrow, I will try to think of the show that should go on with all of it. I'll try to make it loud and exciting. I want to design it to entertain everyone, no matter how many times they watch it. I'll be looking up ways to make fireworks in LittleBigPlanet 2. That, and I'll try to make up some of my one. Like, ones that go up, and then divide to different little lights that have trails behind them, and then they explode with a loud musical noise. It will be exciting. I hope everyone wants to help with this! It should be really fun and all. If anyone has any ideas for fireworks or something, just let me know. I'll most likely like it, and it will be used. Colorful, bright lights and fireworks and all shall be used. Water coming up out of the ground with lights shall be used. (Disney World) It should definitely look good. Well, that should be just about it for now... I'll see if I can come up with anything soon, really soon.
Hey, I'm back with some more info! I have thought about t he intro level and all with the fireworks and all! Alright, some definite logic skills are going to be needed... to get the fireworks to do everything they are supposed to do... and there will be water and all, both shooting and in the level, with lights underwater and everything. A giant, decorative stage will also need to be made to add to an amazing effect. I think we should have it where it is a randomized sequence... which may sound confusing to all of you people out there, but really, it is quite simple. All it is is just different things, and a lot of microchips, and a couple randomizers, or gates, toggles, and such. I should be able to do it again; ; so yeah, it should possibly be that, or, it could be something like a performance where the fireworks tie in together, so that it looks like it was well made... I think the second one it a better idea... I don't know, my heart is torn!... alright, maybe not, but it is a good example. Alright, well, I got to go know, I'll be thinking of something while I'm gone.

Alright, I have come up with some more ideas for the Intro Level... I found out about a glitch with bubbles from the air vent that goes with the water. Some people can save the bubbles as items, and use them for whatever. I plan to use the bubbles to my advantage. We will (If I ever get the chance to get online and get them!) use them in the fireworks and such grabber! Oh, I will be putting the fireworks in the previews, and like I said before, I will try to get the previews up on the site if I can... I'll see. Lights could be on the bubbles and all, and it could make them look amazing! it would be a spectacular site, would it not? I mean, common, who wouldn't want to see fireworks before the movie? It should hopefully be amazing! So, that is all that is on my mind right now, I 'll be posting whatever comes to my mind sooner or later. I hope some other people that are on the LittleBigLand community want to help with the ideas for the Fireworks!

a) Voice actors: I have one person that is in this group right now, and he is doing a person called Arton Volumen. The other people that are needing a voice are: Narrator, Tudor Stump, Lady Truffletun, Voldor Wikklestick, Qeeblor, and some town folks and all
b) Sackbot Acting: No one is doing this right now, and there should be some people in here that can help me with the acting of the sackbots that are dressed up and all. In the movie, of coarse. This is kinda a group that someone or two people can pick one of the carracters in the group and can do his moves and all when they join me in making the movie.
c)Costume Design: This category is kind of done, really, but if anyone thinks that they have a better idea for the costume for the people in the movie, and can do it, then just tell me or the head of the group.
a)Land Scenery: This is the group that will be working on the scenery such as trees and flowers and such. They will have to be really good at what they do in order to make the movie look good and have lots of people watch it.
b)Object Scenery: This is like with buildings and all, the decorating of cars, which includes building them and such, and space craft and all.
c)Destruction Scenery: This is the scenery from something such as a crash or explosion or breakdown or battle of some sort.
d)Seasonal Scenery: This is scenery that involves weather and the seasons and such that surround the area. Lets say it is winter somewhere during the movie. There would be snow and clouds, snow on the ground, and a really cold look to it, like dead trees and such.
e)Emotion Scenery: Setting the look of the place according to the mood of the movie at the place of the shot. This ties in with the whole Scenery area and some logic, depending on what the place is and all.

a)Logic Group One: This group is the one that works with the scenery more often than the next. They work with creating the mood and such for shots, and are working on the logic behind the weather in the shots. They also have to work with the explosions and instantaniouse change in the mood during camera shot, like the emitting of flowers and leaves on trees when the mood changes from sad to happy. Stuff like that.
b)Logic Group Two: This group works more wit the working of machines and such than with the mood. They work more and more in the microchips and materials and pistons and strings and wheels and cogs more than that of the other group, but the scenery people still have to make it look good. This groups job is to make sure it can work like the way it is. This group still does kind of work with the scenery groups if they have to.
a)Mood Lighting: These people work with the whole mood scenery and logic people. They change the lighting and all when a mood changes, whether it be instant or slow.
b)Regular Lighting: This group handles the rest of the lighting that goes on in the game, and can tie in with the scenery people.
Space Ship

a)Group One: This group builds the space ship to their best possibly capabilities. This group is for people that are good at building complex looking machines. This group involves some scenery people that will just work with the space ship by themselves, they also have to be good at the above logic.
b)Group Two: This group proofs the ship and looks over it for some improvements that can be made. This is another branch from the Scenery, but it also has some logic in it, along with great creators. They are the last people to look at the space ship and see if it is working correctly and all for the movie.

a)Creator Group One: This group works with all of the other groups to bump up the creativity level of everything that is going on in the groups and such. They have to be good at everything because they will be like the people that go around everywhere except to the voices.
b)Creator Group Two: This group shall be working on the models of things in the movie and all, like the space ship and towns and all. Castles and destroyed areas, planets and evil creations. They can also be asked for help in the movie.

a)Music Group: This group really just makes the music for the game. There is only one person that is working in this group, and I know he will be needing some help sometime soon. There shall be a lot of music that will be made for this movie that will be original. All credit will go to the makers of the music, and if it is OK with everyone that is in the group that made the music, at the end, almost everything that was in the movie shall become collectibles, but they shall not be sharable.

a)Credits Group One: This group shall work on the logic behind the making of the credits, which should hopefully be easy in the way that they should be done. If they finish early, they can help with the next group in making the credits.
b)Credits Group Two: This group shall be making the credits for the movie. The credits shall be made out of holographic material. I have all of the capital letters, but the lower-case letters need to be made for the credits. The groups that people worked in shall be bigger, and in the color blue, and the color for the position in the group that they were in would be in orange, and their name would be in white.

a)Bomb Timing: This is a group that controls the timing of the explosions and such.
b)Everything else Timing: This group works on all of the other things that involve the timing of whatever is needed to be timed.[CENTER]

a)Testers: These people can sign up for this whenever, but only 20 people can join. These people can test and make sure that the movie is working correctly and such.
b)Proofreaders: These people go through with the script and make sure that the movie and the script go together. They also make sure that the lines that the voice actors' lines are correctly done.

Those are the groups that shall be in the movie. Each group shall be devised of a leader and the helpers. The leader is in charge of making sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing, and to make sure everyone is working to their full limit. If anyone wants to join, just simply ask what group you want to be in. The first person to ask has the right to be the leader of the group, but if they believe someone else should be the leader of the group, then they can decide whether or not they are. Well, that is about it, and so, good luck to whoever decides to join! Oh, and if anyone wants to help by just giving ideas and all, you are welcomed to join as well, but please pick an area to help in.

06-06-2011, 08:23 PM
It sounds like a great collab. project. When I have access to the game agin I would be glad to help with :
Voice Acting(I can get access to a camera thingy for recording)
Proofreading for the script, which I love to do, and am good at
Possibly the seasonal scenery.
And testing

I should be able to have access to the game by June 18th, so give me a shout, and my Psn is jrichards16

Common Ra
06-09-2011, 05:26 PM
Thanks! I'll be under a different account during part of the summer, but I'll let you know it is me. Yeah, Thank you soooo much for the volunteering for this! Oh, which character will you be doing? That is the only thing that I really need to know soon.

06-17-2011, 12:31 AM
I'd like to say that I apologize for not replying to this sooner, and also say that I would do whatever voice you'd like me to do, if you can give me some sample lines, I can record them, send them back to you, and tell me what you think?
And yeah, go ahead and send the contact requests on psn, I'll add you

06-17-2011, 06:40 PM
I would like to join to this movie project, I would like to take part in design and art things like decorations, scenery, props and stuff like that... I know that I'm not the best creator of LBP, but I can still help in any possible way. Sorry about my bad english also, I think this level or level series will be AWESOME

Common Ra
06-18-2011, 09:22 PM
Ok then, I will send you, flyinghawaiian, I will be sending you the sample lines soon. I'll have to make some for you, though. Thank you for joining you two!

08-06-2011, 11:55 PM
I'll join. I'd like to be a big part, I love making platforms, scenery, cinematics, writing stories, and I'll also try for a role, I am english so, you know, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Also if you want any promotion for your level I am making a tv sorta level, which I and some other players will be making. Before or after or most likely inbetween shows, you can create a commercial for your level showing a few sneak peeks, this will give your level a big bang, as you can say "as seen on LittleBigToons"
here is the link if you are interested:http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?61277-LittleBigToons-(Help-Wanted)) READ COMMERCIAL SECTION
Also if you or you know someone who will be interested in creating a show for the series, refer them to the link