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06-12-2011, 09:19 AM
so when littlebigplanet 2 came out, people must've been thinking how do you make a movie on here? well here is a 10 step tutorial on how to make one with sack bot actors (xD):

step 1: take out a sequencer and take it out, make sure it has it circuit board showing (you will be using the sequencer a lot in movie making, make sure there is one space free so you stop the movie)

step 2: take out a movie camera, place it on the sequencer circuit board, tweak it to how long you want it and everything, and that should be your starting movie camera.

step 3: take out a magic mouth, place this onto the circuit board (under the movie camera so it speaks with the camera), and tweak it to how long you want it (also put in subtitles).

step 4: take out a sack bot, place it anywhere and tweak it, (this is very important) after this you HAVE to go onto actor name and give it a name or else it won't work!

step 5: go to your magic mouth and tweak it to the SAME actor name as your sack bot, this will make it speak.

step 6: now open up the sack bot's circuit board, this should have it idle, change this to the actor one and act your scene out, make sure it only runs once (unless your making a bit of a comedy and you want it to keep going).

step 7: what you do now is to get out a selector and place it on the sack bot's circuit board, this will make your sack bot change from one acting to another.

step 8: take out a tag and tag sensor, place the tag on the circuit board of the sequencer and place the tag sensor around the sequencer, link this up to the selectors switch trigger, this should make it so your sack bot will change it's acting every time the tag comes to a certain coloured tag.

step 9: now take out an idle sack bot brain and place it onto the sack bot's circuit board, then link the selector up so the idle brain is first

last step: just act out your movie and you should be done (make sure you leave a bit of space on the sequencers circuit board so you can stop the movie, good luck)

06-12-2011, 10:08 AM
If I where you, I would use pictures, ad well as a neater approach, I personally found this tutorial hard to understand, but thats just my oppinion.