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Shining Aquas
12-12-2008, 06:47 AM
The one question that I always found asking myself when I played this level was "Does this guy play a lot of Fable?" Honestly, the whole level can pretty much be summarized by "Imagine Fable but you're a sack-squire and all the morality buildup is reduced from many decisions to just one: good or evil, although one way or another you still end up 'saving' the princess in the absolute loosest sense of the word.

Onto a more thorough review which starts with you waking up in your bed with the aspiration of being a knight, and decide to talk to the King about making yourself a knight. Once you get there you find out the princess has been stolen probably from some 40 year old man in a van offering "free candy", and it is up to you (and apparently not up to the actual knights and bodyguards) to save the princess all on your own. I'm sure any sensible person would've told the King to **** right off, and when I saw the actual sackboy speak my thoughts in a more PG fashion I was pleasantly surprised, I felt like the author actually had a sense of what a real human would be saying.

Anyways, you jump a couple fire pits and kill some peacock wanna-be's and arrive at.................THE CHOICE!!! It's the most EPIC part of the LEVEL, it's freakin LEVEPIC! WHOA!!!
...right then, you have to decide which path you want to take whether it be good or evil, and I knew there would be a difference in tone and design, but I didn't think the difference would be quite so......radical. In one scenario you are the benevolent messiah who can make anything turn into roses that sprout bunny rabbits, and in the other path you're a mixture between Charles Manson and Dr. Doom who's very urine causes trees to catch on fire and summon hellspawn. I thought for a while about doing what I did for the "Final Frontier" review, splitting the review into 2 different parts based on the path you take, but this time I'm going to skip it because in an extremely rare coincedence it appears that both direction are of equal levels of levepic. They are roughly the same in terms of challenge, content and fun quirks plus they both contain bosses at the end, yet they are also totally and utterly different in every other way, so really the choice does not determine how easy or hard this level is going to be. For that reason, this level gets serious kudos.

If you really need to nitpick about the differences, the most notable are as such: light side has more jumping and swinging puzzles and is generally less hazard induced, but also has a tougher boss to kill (not to fight, just to kill), dark side has more timing and jetpack puzzles, and a slightly easier boss that only requires that you haven't jammed Twinkies in your eye sockets and actually have arms.

Afterwards the princess is found, you flip the sticker switch with whichever sticker you got (good or evil) and the princess is not really saved but rather dealt with. To understand what I mean, play the actual level, because telling you would just ruin the moment of laughter (especially dark side).

I suppose if you were to ask me what's bad about the level, I'd point out that there is a slight lack of creative touches to it and it feels like the level was made almost entirely with copy-pasted materials from in-game levels, but if I told you that I'd be lying to a degree because even though there is quite a bit copy and paste material, there's more than enough original material to make up for it.

The only complaint I have is that is that it is too easy, but then again I'm a psycho.

Final Score:
9.0 / 10
This level is top quality, it makes up it's lack of original artistic inclusion by winning with simple game performance, and that just ends up making for an excellent experience overall. Sure, the replay value isn't excellent, but the level still works great for everything else.

On a side note, who let the cows out?

12-12-2008, 02:40 PM
haha thanks for the colourful review Aquas. Really impressed m8 and thanks for the kudos. <3

12-12-2008, 11:14 PM
Oh yeah, I played this a few days ago. Really cool level and a lot of user made stuff which is always nice. The split story made it easily a double play for me.

Me and Valo even beat the system and used both the evil and good endings. :D

12-13-2008, 12:59 AM
haha oh man I knew someone was gonna try that. So what does that make you? neutral? bi-polar? :p