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12-12-2008, 12:39 PM
Here (http://www.lbpcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=5852) is the link to the discussion of the level in the showcase section.

For those that have not played the level, this post contains a tonne of spoilers about bugs. I'd recommend playing the level first. It's not a bad level. Not awful, not awesome, but it's a good level overall. The boss is quite a sight. :)

Let me see now, there's a lot to cover...

The chair at the start jumps all over the place as you move it can can be pretty tricky to stand on when you move it into place. You might want to simplify it to a simple box which is stickered to look something like... a cupboard or something.

The plant at the start looks... well, killable. When I approached it I got a crushing bug underneath. I'd recommend either putting a brain on it so it can be killed, or positioning it so that it won't crush the player if they get near it.

When i first moved the doll's head to dissolve the back wall... I did not actually realise a disolve event had actually occured. You might want to add a triggerable magic mouth on the mag key switch system that says words to the effect of "Thanks, please continue". You need to make up the words. :p

You could also sticker up that disolve wall so it looks different to the background. At the moment, due to the lighting effects, it just looks the same and I did not notice anything had changed.

At the flipping platform section, the camera zoomed in... but it felt way too close. Although I found it's the same puzzle as you find in the bunker, because the camera is so close it makes it feel odd. Try and zoom it out a little.

You could put a second dent in the walkway up the falling logs. Although the section is fair, and the double check point makes it by no means impossible, this would make it even easier if you were going down that path. That's not a recommendation, that's just a thought.

I used the jetpack to fly the wrong way. There was nothing at all to stop me to. I flew up past the fire log generator, saw all the secret giant light bulbs that were never meant to be seen, and could even land past the jetpack puzzle area, to the point where I skipped the first speech bubble. Either put in a one way locking door to stop this or shorten the jetpack chain and add a second one half way through.

I could see the rockets that were producing the atmospheric smoke for the monster generator machine. You should cover them with a thin layer of material, so it does not break the illusion.

It was not immediately clear to bring the heart to the disolve wall when you killed the boss. You might want to put a triggerable MM explaining this. Put a mag key on the boss, put a switch on the heart, invert the switch, and make sure the key stays with in the area of the switch by increasing the sensor range. Then you can get a speech bubble on the heart attached to the mag switch which tells you what to do. Of course make it all invisible or it will spoil the effect.

You don't have to flick the switch to explode the explosives, you can just ignore them at the moment. I'd put some sort of locked door which can only be opened when you throw the switch to force players to do so.

Finally, some over all comments:

It seemed strange having the cats on the conveyor belt. I'd make them visible somewhere early on, like where the bear is, so continuity is not broken.

Finally, there were several spots where you could see dark matter and lights, and this is not really a good thing. if you make a thin layer of material it can usually cover up this stuff, or use stickers to do so.
So there you go, some suggestions that I hope help. If you need anything explained in more detail, let me know.

12-12-2008, 01:27 PM
Wow, you are thorough! Thanks for all the comments! I'll be making a few adjustments this eve I think :)

12-12-2008, 02:02 PM
Wow, you are thorough! Thanks for all the comments! I'll be making a few adjustments this eve I think :)

Glad to be of service. ;)

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