View Full Version : A creatinator that fires multiple objects

07-16-2011, 04:28 AM
I have recently been working on a creatinator that can fire more than one object. The way I have it is that you press R2 to switch between objects, and R1 fires them. The exact logic I have is a controlinator that responds to nearest player as a reciever (which would make this a one player only item) which has R2 hooked up to a timer set to 0.1 seconds that resets itself and activates an OR gate for a split second, which activates the positive input of a direction combinner, which goes into a selector's cycle input. The selector then cycles through each one everytime you press R1. Then the selector hooks up to counters that are set to count to one, which reset the other counter (currently only works with 2 items) and the active counter hooks up to an AND gate. The AND gate also has R1 hooked up to it, which fires the controlinator as well. The controlinator will shoot an invisible piece of holo material with a tag on it. The follower will follow the tag, and that will set the direction it moves in. I havent done these lasst 2 sentences yet, but theyre what im doing next. Bu if anyone knows how to ake it more than 2 objects, could the tell me? I dont have the slightest idea... Now I'm going to go eat the snack that smiles back, then work on making the invisible holo the creatinator shoots.

07-16-2011, 01:53 PM
i have a copyable level with multiple objects coming from the same creatinator, it uses a bot, but it can be done with sackboys too
despite what some people believe, the creatinator is emitting all the objects, it's not being emitted by holo that is following you