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07-21-2011, 12:18 AM
So I got thinking about some things in the inFAMOUS series, and they are here in this post, again, warning, **spoilers**

First, Kessler chose the name Kessler after the Piccard-Kessler expiriment involving the electrical field of a moving charge XD

Second, all throughout inFAMOUS 2, they never directly say the Kessler is Cole. Even when Zeke says "Ahh, feels like....when Kessler kicked my a**."

Cole Says: Hey, I oughta kick your a**

To which Zeke says: Ahh, same difference


Next, the matter of "The Beast" WARNING, SPOILERS!

What if John isn't actually The Beast. He said it's a name created by fear, or something like that. What if the true beast.......IS THE PLAGUE?!?!?!?

Because then, Cole really would've have stopped the beast, on either Karma storyline.

Or, if you're intent on saying that John is/was the beast, Cole did stop him, and take his place, on the evil story, and defeated him on the good side.

And lastly, sequel.

Leave it to Sucker Punch to have you wondering at the end. On the good karma path, when Zeke is taking Cole out to sea, or wherever (the remnants of Empire?) and the bolt strikes him, he MIGHT have been somehow brought back to life(remember, he's an extremely powerful type of Conduit), but if so, who would the enemies in inFAMOUS 3 be? Cole would be the only Conduit! Would he suffer amnesia?

On the evil side, Cole is the freakin' beast. Zeke is dead. Only Conduits remain. Who would dare to challenge Cole? Would there be groups of Elemental Conduits? Would they create a device that would take away "The Beast"'s powers, leaving Cole with only his bare essential powers, like at the start of inFAMOUS 2?

Please tell me what you think.

Cheers, flyinhawaiian :P :)

07-21-2011, 10:35 AM
This thread is just gonna be chock full of spoilers.

Anyhow, I think the reason for never directly mentioning that Kessler was Cole, was for the sake of players who never owned the first game. Reveiling that Kessler and Cole are the same person, would really ruin the first game for anyone who hasn't finished it yet.
And I'm in favour of them doing so. At least the dialogue occasionally, slyly acknowledges it.

As for possible sequels, I can't say I'm too sure at all where Sucker Punch could go with it.
TBH, I reckon if they were to make an inFamous 3, it would likely centre around a new protagonist. My reasons for thinking this, are that SP seemed quite keen on radically changing Cole in inFamous 2, initially. Which, to me implies they felt Cole just wasn't a good character to work with, or that they'd rather some something a bit different.
Plus, I think a new game with Cole would be hard to make work, without discarding the evil ending of inFamous 2. Infamous 2 starts off with either inFamous 1 ending, as they're both quite similar, bar Coles attitude, inF2 ends with radically different endings. It's possible to make an InF3 have completely differing storylines based on the trait you choose to start with, but personally, I think that would mean removing the karma system, and I'm not in favour of that.

I would love to see an inF3, but I don't think it's likely we'll see Cole again.

07-23-2011, 08:56 PM
I very much doubt it, the endings solve all the problems in such radically different ways. If a sequel were to be made they would have to make a new problem, and basically create two completely different games to address the two endings.

07-23-2011, 10:43 PM
The reason Kessler is never said to be Cole in Infamous 2 is, well, spoilers!
It still keeps some secrecy in case you haven't played Infamous 1.

A sequel isn't needed, IMO. Sucker Punch ended the game perfectly. One side fitting you to fulfilling your destiny set by yourself. The other, turning you into what you set out to destroy.

As for it, well the original time line saw Kessler never learning the Truth as to why The Beast is doing what they do... But? If that's the case, John would've been much older when he became the Beast? Perhaps the Beast isn't a certain person, or thing, the the essence of evil that Cole much defeat... or be.