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hi everybody today i present you my project, it's a Side-Scrolling Shooter/Beat Them All/ Strategie game serie where the player(s) control an huge gundam-like robot and complete (not sure about the word) various missions, it can go from the complete annihilation of an ennemy army to the escort of an allied ship

Plot(can be changed):
2018 A.D. the third world war starts because of the actions of the New Enhanced Federation Of North Asia, The N.E.F.O.N.A army's R&D developed many weapons in order to beat the USA, but it never worked, in a desperated rage, the higher-ups of the N.E.F.O.N.A decided to steal an japanese exoskeleton prototype and changed it into a weapon.
This new weapon was called "Armored Suit", the A.S. has been sent to the USA in order to attack the white house, the A.S. caused a lot of damages, but the US army managed to capture the A.S. and immediatly counter attack.

2021 A.D. Three years after the TWW began, an huge flying armor appeared at Beijing in the N.E.F.O.N.A. and stoped the US army troops with a strange beam canon, this Huge Armor was later called DenHance and began the first generation of the Armored Units. After that event a lot of battle where won by the N.E.F.O.N.A. due to the presence of the DenHance and the USA slowly started to loose hope.

2025 A.D. The USA were almost vanquished when an Blue A.U. with a yellow star on it's head suddenly appeared and destroyed a whole nefonan squadron near Boston, on it's chest were ungraved "N-Euro Light". two month passed since the N-Euro Light saved boston from Nefona and were repaired by the american scientists, it has been revealed to public that the armor were made in collaboration with the European Union in order to protect themselves against the DenHance but it wasn't the only problem, for unknown reasons, the earth was stating to die, the lakes dried an the plains started to turn into desert, the government had to do something against that and that is how started the "Babel Project".

http://interlignage.fr/images/2010/06/basel.jpg(image from Resonance Of Fate)

2036 A.D. It took ten years to finish the "Babel Project", each country built up it's own Babel Earth Curing Tower, a tower who clean oxygene and destroy every thing that isn't good for the earth, the B.E.C. Tower were also made to welcome people inside, on the floors, those who have money lives on the upper ones and the poors lives on the lowest ones. The Countries took the name of their Towers (the three first letters of the country's name + el) so the USA became Usael, The Russia (who became one of the nefonan regions) became Rusel etc...
It became impossible to live on the earth directly so some floors of the towers became imitations of the past environnements of the earth, like forests or mountain. People where trying to forget about the war but the mass production of the second generation A.U. and the countless battles inside the Towers were more and more bloody every month.

2039 A.D. Usael(USA), Frael(France), Belel(Belgium), Engel(England) and Canel(Canada) and many other countries of America and Europe Joined their forces and made the A.O.T.E.N., the Alliance Of The Earth Nation, an alliance who try to maintain peace and to stop the war, but the only way for Aoten to stop it is to defeat Nefona.

2043 A.D. Four soldier are assigned to a new squadron, The A.U.I.S. (Armored Unit Intervention Squadron);

-the young but mighty (Pfc) Joshua Rinpiels who controls the Tyring, a powerful Armored Unit specialized into blitz-attacks

-the joyful (Pfc) Robert "Bobby" Kent who controls the Gleipnir, a knight-type A.U. who deals a lot of damage but only into close range battles

-the graceful (Lt) Ashley Lowe who controls the Heracles, a fast unit specialized into gunfights and sniping

-and the elder and wise one, (Sqn Ldr) Jake Jenkins who own the Goliath, an heavy artillery specialized collossus

theses are the first 3rd generation Aotenian A.U. who where given to this squadron in order to help them fufil their missions. This is where this story begins.


like i said, it's a side scrolling shooting game, you can play alone or with 1 to 3 friends, theses are the controls


pretty simple huh? the probleme is that ennemy too can do all these, well at least the strongest ones, and there will be many bosses
but where the games become interesting is when there is four player, cause then, you can start to plan strategies against the bosses

each A.U. got it's own specifics,

the Tyring is a speed A.U. it deals quick but weak damage
the Gleipnir is a melee A.U. it deals strong damages but only on melee
the Heracles is a Sniper A.U. it deals powerul, long range, attacks but it doesn't have much HP so it's quite weak
The Goliath is a destroyer A.U. it deals deadly short and mid range attacks


scenario: 100% (18/18)

missions: 0.00%(0/13)

player unit: 100%(4/4)

heroes skin: 100%(4/4)

allies npc: 0.00%(0/?)

ennemy npc: 9.09%(1/11)

ennemy: 2.5%(1/80) (2 unit/0 ship/0 aerial/0 terrestre)

bosses: 0.00%(0/18)

allies: 0.00%(0/8) (0 unit/0 ship)


menu level: 9.09%(1/11)(1/4 shop; 0% training room; 0% mission selector; 0% npc; 0% game encyclopedia)

overall: 6.51%

i'll put some pictures later, if someone wants to help or just want to give a suggestion/advice just tell me
by the way does someone, skilled with the music sequencer or not, wants to join us? (yeah we're two in the "staff")
it's pretty hard to do everything alone, we work very slowly ^^'''

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yeah my hand slipped and i clicked on the post button XD

here's some pics of the player's A.U. (dont worry they look way better when you dont zoom at them XD)
their skin are from the game "SD gundam G generation world" but i changed them a little bit(like the color, 1 or 2 accessory added etc...)

the Tyrfing

the Gleipnir

the Goliath

the Heracles

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looks sweet.

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thank you

i took new pics

The Heracles destroying a random ship

the Gleipnir and the Heracles against ennemy's units

the heroes with their A.U.
from left to right: Gleipnir/Robert "Bobby" Kent, Goliath/ Jake Jenkins, Tyring/ Joshua Rinpiels and Heracles/ Ashley Lowe

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New pics!

the Unit Shop in the menu level:

the shop itself:


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the missions's scenarios are over, i can now start to create de levels and the ennemies ect...
I'll Try to make it the fastest and best possible in order to make the serie more immersive and enjoyable