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08-02-2011, 01:03 PM

This came to me in lbp1, but now that we can make cut scenes, intro movies, sackbots,etc i am making it in LBP2.
the story consists of a mad villian who kidnaps people to take part in his real life reality show, which involves obstacles and at times imprisoning former contestants to get through.
Myra, the head of a secret agency are trying to locate the Quizler, as Myra's father had been kidnapped and imprisoned in the Quizlers castle. She enlists Sackboy to help her by placing a tracking device on him.
The following evening sackboy is kidnapped by the quizler guards and taken to the quizler's castle, which is on a remote island. When sackboy is imprisoned he attempts to contact myra, but the signal has been blocked.

Quizler makes sackboy participate in the Quizler's obstacle course, at at a point sackboy notices a secret room. As the Quizler films the entire expedition, he presumes sackboy has been killed. However sackboy falls into a cavern where he becomes drowsey. In the cavern Arthur (Myra's father) meets him, Arthur has dug a tunnel from his cell to the tunnel, and tells sackboy that even by completing the course, quizler would have still imprisoned him.
Arthur then begins to explain the route to the Quizlers production room, which is scrambling Myra's signal. he must navigate through the tunnels of the dungeon, avoiding security cameras. Arthur provides sackboy with a gun. Sackboy also begins to sense objects (such as break away objects, secret tunnels, cameras) in order to pass and get to the production room. Once there, sackboy destroys the jammer and Myra immediatley sends helicopters to the island. Quizler reliases this and forces sackboy to complete his course. Oce sackboy reaches the end, his senses (popit senses) begin to alert him of the trap door, he jumps and breaks the door leading to the islad. By this point helicopters are very close to the island, Quizler decides to awaken his ultimate creation, a mechanical dragon. This leads to a boss battle between quizler and sackboy.

Obstacle course:
Will contain many platform obstacles. At times sackboy will send prisoners into fire in order to pass, as a bomb will emmit near sackboy forcing him to either send the civilian to a firey grave or both perish. If sackboy fails at these points it is automatically game over where as if he died during a platform obstacle he would respawn.

Sackboy will have to dodge security cameras, in order to scramble the signal jammer. He does this by sensing alternative routes and by destroying them with a paintanator. During this, Quizler does notice sackboy when he destroys a camera, and says a comical quote such as "hey!, they are exspensive you know"

Boss fight:
Sckboy must dodge the dragons plasma breath until the helicopters get in closeto the castle, which will cause quizler to fly up and blast the helicopters, this gives sackboy an oppertunity to climb into a catapult and launch a piece of plasma at the dragon. This repeats until the dragon is destroyed.

Voice actors wanted:
I need voice actors for the following roles:
guard 1
guard 2
prisoner 1
civilian 1
civilian 2
civilian 3
agency secretary
domino (myra' right hand man)

Also if you want to design a obstacle feel free to message me.

If there are any expert movie makers on lbp2, i do need help.

08-02-2011, 07:19 PM
Yes, I will be happy to help you by making some music. Send me a friend request when you get chance and we'll arrange something.