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Shining Aquas
12-19-2008, 06:44 AM
First of all, I'd like to apologize for the overly long delay. I know it's almost been a week since my last review, but now I'm back and just in time for the holidays. And what better way to celebrate Christmas than with a Halloween-esque level.

Centrallia: A Ghost Story is a level where you, the hero (or unlucky wanderer ala Silent Hill) come across a Ghost Town called Centrallia and find out that some poor individuals seem to have gotten stuck inside the mines. Being the gallant hero that you are, you decide to go in and rescue the fellow, unaware of the miserable danger that lies ahead. After fighting through a few spectres, jumping through a giant spider web, navigating through a mine, and finally fighting the Blood Spectre at the end, you find the guy who was stuck only to find out that apparently he didn't need help and was already planning his escape; TRANSLATION: he is a loser that cowered in the corner waiting for rescue and when finally getting it does not want anyone else to know that he is missing testicles. Finally, you dance..........for some reason, and then you win.

So, where shall I start on this ghastly crusade of a review. Well, I suppose I'll start with the level's most prominent feature: the appearance. It's definitely very dark and spooky in theory, but somehow also carries an aura of silliness, which seems to fit in pretty well with the whole "scary ghost" theme. The level as a whole may feel like a deep dark scary locale but at no point can you muster the heart to take any of it seriously, which is a good thing since it actually makes it easier to enjoy the level without forcing yourself to smirk. The level is also very lush and full of nicely made detail, making this stage an absolute beauty.

The enemies throughout the level are peachy easy, most of them die simply by breathing on them, and at no time should any of them give you difficulty unless you recently surgically removed your right thumb. Granted the enemies aren't designed to be difficult, but rather to apply more to the silly scary mood, so overall the enemies sort of feel unnecessary and could have easily been replaced with scary pictures in the back. Then, you have the end boss, which is just a giant "Castle" ghost with 2 brains on top and 1 on bottom between 2 sets of spikes. He throws fire pellets at you which are for the most part easily dodge-able and most of the time you will get killed by the deviously positioned spikes on the bottom rather than the fireballs. Boss was about as difficult as any boss from Mario Galaxy, but also about as entertaining which is a bonus of sorts.

Challenge and Centrallia may both start with the letter C but the two have almost nothing in common, the stage as a whole is easy as pie. The only part where I felt there might be some mild frustration was trying to maneuver the spider web, and that shouldn't be difficult assuming you just use the spiders to swing; it doesn't get difficult until you try navigating the background white pieces for stickers and whatnot.

Regardless, you shouldn't play this level and expect it to be eerily evil and challenging, you should play it expecting to see a wonderful performance of artistic talent and overall a splendid show of entertainment.

Final Score:
8.0 / 10
Too easy, unnecessary enemies, but it's still very beautifully made and full of luscious detail for you to bite into. For the best score, make sure to play with 2 people.

As a side note, there's also a "darker" version of the level that can be unlocked by beating this one. I can simplify it with one phrase: "color filter"

12-20-2008, 12:14 PM
Hey, thank you so much for the review(s)!

A few notes:

We designed Centralia to be easy just because we had played so many user levels that were just SO hard and not even enjoyable. What we tried to do is create an experience that would be fun and enjoyable for pretty much everyone.

And nothing in that level is really supposed to be taken seriously. As witnessed by the fall of winter and my newest "level" (What's the Matter?), I can't be serious for more than two seconds. You should have seen the witch I wanted to use in that level. Every time I looked at it it made me roll on the floor laughing! ^_^

Oh, and by the way, the darker version came first, and we had gotten some pretty upsetting comments about how our level was awful, because apparently some televisions didn't like the lighting in that level. My compromise was to lock it and change the color. And that's your useless fact for the day.

Again, thanks for the review. My husband will be thrilled that you reviewed it as well! ^_^