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08-15-2011, 11:13 PM
I am looking to form a team for creating projects.

The team will consist of:
Me Leader

Logic guru:
Someone who is the master of logic and is able to offer their tinkering services.

Cinematics chief:
Someone with that talent to make an awesome and memorable cutscene/intro

Platformer wizard:
If the team makes some gameplay levels, then you would be required to build themed and memorable platform obstacles.

Costume king:
Someone with the pizaz (lol) to create stunning costumes with the right touch.

Scenery shaman:
Someone who will build amazing detailed backgrounds for gameplay and movies.

Special effects demon:
Someone who will turn any ordinary level into amazing memorable levels.

NOTE: do not join if you cannot devote most of your LBP time to it.
join if you have barely any levels in order to create many projects.
If 2 members want to join, then they will have a duel to create (depending on role) something and I will make final judgement.
Mainly for people who aren't popular in LBP inorder to build up their rep.
Every project will contaim credits to give every member of the team credit.
To audition invite me, when I join tell me why u invited me, and show me why u think you'd be good for the role, repeat DO NOT REPLY on this if you want to join, invite me on LBP.

49er Nation
08-26-2011, 02:01 AM
If no one else signs up for Costume King, I'll do it. I can make some pretty decent costumes. I have an example; it's just not uploaded.