View Full Version : My... Cars?

08-18-2011, 12:55 PM
I have three "cars" to share. All of them had an interesting aspect of their own. I'll make a sort of list.

My first "car" was sort of like the motorcycles in lbp with no back wheel. It was a small sponge that was made drawing a line with the circle shape slightly merged into a normal circle shape line of glass. I placed 1 rocket diagonally down (I gave up on making it straight) and a large wheel set to 60 in front. I find this unique because it can clear the my moon wall to wall in 3 or 4 seconds, faster than a LOT of cars with a million rockets strapped at full power to the back. This makes me theorize aerodynamics plays a part in lbp. If it is certain whether it is or isn't, correct me, my mistake. Later on, while trying to make it so it can drive on walls, I attached two rockets on top, on either side of the sponge. It sort of worked, but the rubber wheel breaks every time on the wall.

Second I like to call reinventing the wheel. I have a rubber circle held in the center of a large metal circle by four pistons. By messing with the pistons, I made the game defy logic (theyre stiff) and create a sharp bending motion capable of either pushing the front, making it go further, and when it rotates enough, it will "grip" the back, still pulling it forward, which I found very interesting, because my first one would go back and forth. It takes all three dimensions because of the rubber breaking after a few rolls. Rubber was, well, rubber, metal was the blue grid from MGS.

My third and final invention is a momentum (sorta) based vehicle. This is still in progress. I have a boomerang shape glass held in the air by a piston attached to a glass circle shape line on the ground. I attached a small sponge TOWARDS the front to even the weight a bit, then changed the piston's speed similar to (how high it jumped from piston and how long it was in the air) to find a balance where it would just slightly move forward and jump just after it hit the ground, so it is sort of momentum based in that aspect. Without the timing, it would go crazy as in tipping over, breaking, and once it rolled upsidedown, and back up again. Only momentum could push THAT back up without the piston touching the ground.

I'm sorry if you lost interest in my LONG rant on these vehicles, but they all hold some of the coolest capabilities in lbp, including reinventing the wheel's pistons gripping the metal. Please comment on what you think of my creations/tests? please.