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09-10-2011, 05:02 PM
World of Tanks (http://www.worldoftanks.com/), as some may know, is a popular MMO on the PC that takes place during WW2. My friend (Who is a fail at writing) is making a group of levels using the same concept, but throwing his own in too.

He told me to write this due to his lack of interesting grammar... so here it goes, just remember this is Jgsstl's idea.

World of Tanks:
Description and Game Plan

World of Tanks is an artistic, fun multiplayer where you are a tank commander controlling one of the many tanks we will be having. The game takes place in Europe during WW2, Maps will be based off real world locations, or battles.

Tanks will be unlocked through kills, the more kills you get the more likely you will get a better tanks. Tanks range from all 3 major factions during WW2.


These tanks are well designed and based off of tanks during WW2.

There will be Achievements that you will unlock in game, these will give you stickers in which you can take to a Rewards Store, and use them to buy tanks, or items from in game.

Tanks & Controls

The Tanks are highly Detailed, pictures will come soon. There are many Tanks already made, and more planned. Maps (Read the Maps & Menu tab) will have certain tanks, that others may not have.
Tank Categories

Tank Destroyers
Mobile Artillery
Light Tanks
Heavy Tanks

The controls for the Tanks are a bit complicated, but more realistic then using the left & right stick. I am still not an expert on the Controls but they are interesting, and can add some fun game play.

R2 & L2 at the same time are needed to drive forward.
L1 & R2 at the same time are used to go backwards.
Right stick to control Turret
X to fire
L2 to turn left (Without holding R2)
R2 to turn right (Without holding L2)
O to use your special

Maps & Menu

Lets start with the Menu, as that is done. Pictures of the menu will be posted later. In the menu you can choose the "How to Play" tab, or choose the "War Room" tab. Clicking How to Play obviously shows a video of how to play World of Tanks.
In the war room, it will bring you to a map of Europe, having locations around Europe in which when selected will tell you what it is, or what battle took place there. This includes the Battle of Kursk (The largest tank battle during WW2).

There are many other maps that are ready to be made, but that's the problem. We need Artist that can make good top down maps, that are big and take up as little thermo as possible. If you want to help please contact me or Jggstl by PSN.

That's all i have for now.

Remember, if you are a good top down creator, that can help make good maps, please contact me or Jggstl.

09-11-2011, 12:15 AM
Its jgsstl, and very time i wrote gold it logged me off!

09-13-2011, 03:51 PM
Interesting, although I'd appreciate some pics rather then "I promise they're highly detailed!11!". :p

09-13-2011, 04:16 PM
I tryed to make something like this a long time ago.. i got bored... make sure to include the tank trees that will soon be implemented into WoT(french and commonwelth) they can be found on the internet somewhere...

09-13-2011, 05:24 PM
I agree with jedibrad, I would love to see some pics.