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Shining Aquas
12-23-2008, 04:35 AM
"sigh" You know, I know this is a horrible way to start the review but I am very disappointed.

Chillum007 was a creator responsible for a level I critiqued way back in the day before I had my own review section. It was in this dark, ancient time that I found a level created by this individual known as "Surf's Up", a short cheeky but quite fun and enjoyable level that somehow escaped my mind for a while. When I looked on the list and saw I had to do this level on my queue list, the author's name glanced against my brain but I couldn't put my finger on it. After playing MitJ and doing a little research (because it was bugging me to no end) I finally found the old level I played weeks before......and it's specifically for that reason that I am very disappointed.

Surf's Up was a fun enjoyable level that wasn't especially long but still felt appropriately timed, and I am disappointed because everything that Surf's Up is, Monkey in the Jungle isn't.

MitJ is a level where the evil Dr. Genus (with no relation at all to the Tales of Symphonia Game) has taken over the jungle, because..........well he did. It's your job to stop him because............I guess he's evil or something, animals don't like him, etc. Plotline isn't horribly well developed, but that's still okay because this is a platforming game, and it's not totally necessary to have that in such a game.

You start by jumping alternating fire logs rolling down a hill, go through a cave with falling stalactites (some of which hold swinging sponges, which overall makes one or the other unnecessary), grab an idol, bring him back to some elder....monkey thing I guess, then reach a platform up top with a cowering monkey in a story level "preassembled" cave, jump your way up some preassembled branches from the Jungles World, grab a bird, hit a switch with the bird (...............), go through all of one trap, blow up Dr. Genus's force field with a single proximity bomb while he just stands there, kill him (still no resistance), then ride a boat into the scoreboard over what looks like disconnected water blocks on a boat made out of glass.

That's it, that's the entire level. I know I said the level takes a little while to beat (probably about as long as Surf's Up), but there is little depth to it, which translates into little to talk about. Sure I could complain about the little things like the enemies being too sporadic and easy, the level being too "story mode"-esque with all it's premade stuff, or even the general lack of excitement and actual "funtime", but what's the point? This level has managed to get more plays and hearts than my level so it's obvious that people on the internets like simple, easy to make, non-challenging, and generally boring levels.

Final Score:
4.5 / 10
Needs work, like, a lot of work. While it definitely plays as a level, it only really feels as such sue to having a beginning and end. Too much of the level is copy and paste for my taste, and it generally feels like it lacks substance.

On a side note, I also posted up my old review of "Surf's Up", a level made by the same person and easily twice as good as this one. I recommend reading that one after reading this, at least if you want to read something a bit more positive.

12-30-2008, 11:44 PM
Thanks for the review SA. I accept your criticisms good heartedly. This one was my first level which I started making after only doing the first couple of levels in story mode. Yes I did use some pre-made characters (the monkeys, and the cat) but the cave and trees I made all by myself, although I admit the trees are very similar to some of the ones found in story mode.

I still think it deserves more than a 4.5 as I had a lot of fun play testing it, but I am biased, which is why I value your impartial no BS review!