View Full Version : SA reviews "Surf's Up" (Old Review)

Shining Aquas
12-23-2008, 05:41 AM
I've been meaning to review this level for a while, but only recently have had the time.
Anyways, how does it stack up?

Well, the beginning had me a little skeptical, I wasn't sure whether it'd be fun or just plain bad from the way the first couple waves were aligned. Well, somewhat to my surprise, it was pretty good. The boat made for some fun ocean riding and motioned very similarly to what a real boat ride would've been like, and the crash landing was simply perfect. So basically, the first quarter of the stage is certainly fun in every aspect, right until you land.

Next part is climbing the lighthouse, and this is where the level starts trying to get tricky. Springboards, switches, and fire could pretty much sum up the next part, followed by precision jumping and electricity, followed by stickers, and finishing it off is a horribly precise jump off of a reclining sponge block. Most of the level is fairly easy, nothing truly devious until you hit that second to last swing jump, but easy is not synonymous with "poorly made" and in this case is simply more "casual fun".

At the end you get to throw a bungee jumper off the lighthouse.
I'm not kidding, you grab onto him and jump off the lighthouse. He even screams on the way down.

Finally, you beat the stage and get a zorb (which are fun), and overall you relish yourself in the level you just beat and debate whether or not you want to play it again, which in most cases you will due to this level's ability to be easily replayed.

Final Score:
7.5 / 10 (RESCORED)
Fun stage, great atmosphere, and while not being very challenging still has an amazing replay value, making this a definite winner.

EXTRA - Read Monkey in the Jungle review first, then read this (again). Notice the incredible improvement over the course of 1 level? It can be done folks.