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10-29-2011, 09:02 AM
I've began working on this level about a year ago or longer, its been redone since lbp2 and i've worked on it off and on.
It's a horror/adventure/visually grasping level. If you've played any of my lbp1 levels back in the day you'll know all my levels
are basicly art levels nd this is no exception.

What I want to know is if it's worth finishing and publishing. Here is the story concept.


The Kenya military in Africa are experimenting with nuclear weapons in the large nearby lake.
The inproper experimentation results in a highly radioactive water source which is a main supply for local wild life and the nearby Nature Reserve.
The radiation gives birth to a highly infectious virus mutation similiar to rabbies that adapts to the bodies of native animals and flourishes in the Nature Reserve
where the meat is toxic as well from poor feeding techniques. The animals grow vicious, stonger, hungry and smarter, though it effects some in diffrent ways. Attacks on
locals entropy as the virus progresses and soon the kenya military tries to dispose of their mistake in secrecy but fail as the true potential of the virus is discovered.
The military is no match and the Nature Reserve becomes home to the infected animals who dwell in the shade and have eaten their staff. Word is not spread in the poor
2nd world country.

Two opposing Empires are forged on the Nature Reserve, The Lions and the Primates while other species are either preyed upon or learn to coexist with the empires.
There is an underground group of survivors that hide and live in the sewers and facilities, seperated from the world, they think they are alone. Hunting by day and
hiding by night. A plane passes overhead a week after the outbreak and is shot down mysteriously to the reserve. There is one survivor.

This is his/her story.

It truely explores every aspect of the story from half eaten giraffes to undead gorillas ripping open tanks.
So i have plenty of ideas, but is it worth persuing?
I'd like opinions and thankyou.

10-29-2011, 02:56 PM
Would the whole war part be in the level? Or would it just be an opening cutscene?
Would there be any gameplay?
Would you be able to create all of that? It sounds like you have it well thought out.
My main worry would be that some of the stuff would be too complicated.
In my opininon: Yes, you should continue with it.

10-31-2011, 07:22 PM
Holy cow thats an awesome start youve got there. The storyline is great, but I fear that making this into an LBP level would take a TON of work. Some of your ideas are brilliant but really complicated. Are there any pictures you could show us of what youve already got?

11-04-2011, 11:07 PM
God I wish I could show you pictures, but unfortunatly I've just lost everything LBP related, from all my materials to every creation and levels i've spent countless hours on. Im starting over though, trying really hard to regain materials from both lbp games. It's really depressing. I had planned on making a trailer level for this so i had plenty of pictures that I could have posted on here, someday maybe I'll have the balls to try and redue this level. I really hope i can. gahhh

The only thing I didnt lose were the four levels I had published.