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11-03-2011, 07:29 PM
(Update:: For some reason my pics didn't work, I'll have to fix that so be patient please. For now just 'right-click' them and open them into a new tab, thanks)

So I've been sketching out ideas for a Final Fantasy Tactics style level I've wanted to create for about a month now. I finally began the project last night and luckily (due to my pre-production brainstorming) I'm already taking quick steps towards finishing a little demo for the community to enjoy.

Before I describe my plans for the level, or even possibly series, I wanted to show you guys a few photos of what I've completed with just an hour of work. So enjoy.

This little bugger is the Player's detection area/Range finder. It also enables the player to have a movable scroller (the little Hologram 'X') in which he'she can select where exactly they want there spell/attack/ability/etc. to target (which grid for example). Since the level will have different ranges for each attack, I've also created a tag system which highlights the grids in which you can target with your attack (etc). See below:

Attack with the range of 3 (3 grids from the player in any direction).

Attack with the range of 2 grids.

This here is the enemies AI, which I have already tested and it is working well (I just need to condense the logic a little). In the bottom right corner is the enemy (computer) sensory grid. When it is the enemies turn it will first read if a player in within it's grid (vision?! haha) and then decide the best course of action. Currently I've given it it's movement logic (move left, right, down, up) and am working on a pathfinding system for it (so say, if an obstacle is in it's way it will move the proper amount of grids to avoid it). After reading where the player is, the AI will decide which is the best action (either move within attacking, or if it's already with range to attack, or even use an ability to heal itself or something). I haven't quite grinded out all of the abilities yet, but trust me when I say I plan on having quite the array of them (even the ability for players to detect/disarm traps that ley around the dungeons and what not).

My plans for the level?

Well first of all I want to create a level that has a high replay value. That said, I want to have a level/stat/inventory system (which I have already developed, now I just have to put it together) with ever changing dungeons, so the idea doesn't get sour within the first 2 dungeons. Originally I was going to include a free roam where you cruise around the world map randomly encountering baddies until reaching your ultimate goals (quests and what not), but I've decided to scrap that idea and shift the level to a more versatile, linear game. I will be making it so that there is one town, which will be in traditional LBP side scroll view, in which you can not only buy new equipment/items but also receive missions/quests. Upon taking a quest it will go into your "Journal" menu area and you can select it at anytime, and it will automatically transport you to the dungeon/wherever the quest takes place at. This is where the top-down gameplay will come into effect, as all dungeons will be subject to.

The player (that's you!!) will recieve so many 'Action Points' per turn (based on how high they've leveled up their stamina stat). With those points you can travel the dungeon and fight the baddies lurking around. Movement will cost 1AP per square and attacks will vary on their costs, depending on their range/effects. Once your turn is over it will shift to your enemies turns. This process will continue until you've either died (in which case you will revive in town) or have completed that areas quest (be it killing a boss, or pest control, etc).

For the demo I was to get roughly 10 player abilities/attacks done and a variety of enemy moves done too. I want it to be roughly 3 dungeons and the town, along with a small inventory at your disposal. Eventually (once the main map is finished) this level will be updated into the tutorial level, because we're going to need one.

I need help anywhere I can get it, but I don't want someone that I need to hold hands with and show exactly what goes where. There's no point in more than one person working together if we're always right at each others hip. I've got the logic covered, but everyone has their own ways of doing things and I'm more than open to someone jumping in and showing me what they'd do. I'm very open to opinions. What I hope to accomplish here, before anything else, is establishing a strong team of people who can work together well (on this project and even future projects). Afterall, I can do this map myself but where's the fun in that (not to mention I'm not the best designer there is, scene-wise).

What I need the most is level-design help and character/object design assistance. feel free to shoot me a msg on PSN (zemurdArah, not zemurdUrah)

11-05-2011, 01:20 AM
Big shout out to Comphermc for his great tutorials, without his work I wouldn't be nearly as 'logical' as I am today (having only played LBP altogether for less than one year. What I've done here is implement my own system that will (for the RTS I'm making) detect Armor upgrades, etc; (and for my Top-down RPG) it will detect any armor augments, or abilities that increase defence, etc.

This here is player logic for the top-down RPG. I've only put about an hour of work into it so far (though I'm really good at planning ahead of time and knowing what I'll need before I jump into a project. If it weren't for pre-production I'd spend half my LBP time staring at a black level, hovering Holos' back and forth. So far this logic goes over the players ability to move, target, trigger spell ranges, and so much more. Bare in mind that this is only for the demo level (10 abilities can be earned through the demom though you'll have to be picky with the ones you snag,

As you can see I still need some beautiful animations so feel free to jump into the thread and give me your thoughts. So come on people, don't be shy, and those of you who have read my thread but not replied to it, that's just creepy.. Haha

11-05-2011, 02:37 AM
OUTSTANDING work ZeMurdarah. Please send me a message when the demo is published. :)