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11-27-2011, 07:44 AM

We’ve had a lot of interesting vehicle challenges in the past – off-road vehicles, transporters, gap-crossers, even amphibious vehicles. But for this Contraption Challenge we want you to make a vehicle without any of that fancy stuff. We only want to see something that gets us from A to B. Simple, right?

There’s just one thing… it can’t use wheels.

Walking contraptions, tank-treaded vehicles, hovercraft or even one of those huge creepy spiders from Uncharted 3 (with Sully’s mustache for added scariness) – the more creative and original your contraption, the better!



Contraption movement

The contraption needs to travel along the ground.
Traditional round wheels in contact with the ground cannot be used to drive the vehicle. They can still be used elsewhere, such as inside tank treads.
It needs to travel over some rough terrain (i.e. anything that’s not a boring flat surface).
The contraption doesn’t have to be in contact with the ground, it can float above it.
However, no flying. Or swimming.

Contraption controls

If necessary, provide brief instructions (in most cases, controlinator labels will be fine).
PlayStation Move control is allowed.
Don’t bother adding extra features such as weapons. We are only interested in the way this vehicle moves, not all the additional stuff you can do on the way, no matter how cool it may be.
No remote control; the player must be in the contraption to control it.
Bonus points if you can make it a bit more interactive. Don’t go overboard, but something more interesting than “press this to move forwards” would be nice.

The level

Try and keep the level around 2-3 minutes in length.
Provide quick access to the contraption, there’s no need for long cutscenes!
We only judge the contraption, but a nicely presented level is always a plus.


So, create a level with your contraption, and once it’s finished give it a title with CC15 in there somewhere (e.g. “CC15 – Super Awesome Vehicle!”). Publish your level before 23:59 BST on Sunday 18th December 2011. To see what everyone else has been up to, search for CC15 (or just click here to queue up some levels)!

When all of your incredible creations are done and published, Chimpanzee and I will play the levels and pick five finalists. As always, you’ll get the chance to vote which one you liked the best and we’ll release a video counting down to reveal the winner, who will be awarded a Contraption Challenge Pin! This super-rare in-game pin is awarded to only the best of the best in recognition of your creative skillz of awesome for you to proudly display on your profile.


Good luck!


The level must be playable in LittleBigPlanet 2.
Make sure your levels are viewable on LBP.me (find out how to change your privacy settings here).
You can only publish ONE level with ONE contraption.
You can enter either by yourself OR in a team of up to 4 people (one person should publish the level and list the other creators in the level description with @ in front of their PSN name).
Levels must be published BEFORE 23:59 BST 18th December 2011 with CC15 in the title.
Edit your level and republish it as much as you like before the deadline, but do not republish after the deadline (at least not until the contest is over). Any levels published or republished after the deadline will be disqualified, except in in exceptional circumstances.
Make it your own creation, don’t copy someone else’s and claim it as yours!


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Be sure to check out our YouTube channel, where we feature all finalists from every challenge in a glorious HD video recorded and edited by Chimpanzee.

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11-27-2011, 10:43 AM
Well i'm in this! This sounds pretty easy! or not? :)

12-09-2011, 02:14 AM
i've submitted

12-09-2011, 11:52 AM
I'm in probably... I want to ask if I can use wheels in the tanks belts/stripes or whatever (treads maybe?).

12-09-2011, 02:14 PM
I'm in probably... I want to ask if I can use wheels in the tanks belts/stripes or whatever (treads maybe?).

Treads are fine: Look above the blueprint picture.

My entry:
Uses the Move controller.

12-11-2011, 08:51 AM
Cool Entry! :P

12-16-2011, 10:52 PM
This is the first Contraption Challenge since I got the game and I puzzled for a while over what kind of vehicle to enter. Anyway, this is what I came up with in the end:


To be honest, I probably spent more time on my amateur Jurassic Park remix music than on the vehicle itself, I could get in to this music sequencing stuff.

12-18-2011, 07:49 PM
Check out my entry for the contest!

Pinch Walker: Bubble Heist


The design is based on a windup toy by Chico Bicalho and distributed by Kikkerland Design Inc. I wanted to credit the company on the actual level description, but it was blocked out. I guess it's considered free advertising.

Anyway, there's nothing too complex here. You can use R1 and R2 to make the walker stand up tall or hunker down, but I didn't have time to implement these things into gameplay. Not the paragon of interactivity that you may be looking for, but I wanted to put this out there before the contest closed.

12-19-2011, 07:18 PM
Heres mine

01-06-2012, 02:50 PM
Heres mine