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12-28-2011, 09:53 AM
this is the odd dream i had once. there are times when you cant remember anything that happens, and this is the most common. but then there are times when remembering isn't needed, because its already there. and it takes you some time to realize it was a dream and not some weird kidnapping. anyway, one day i woke up and i just remembered it all. all of it. and it wasn't pleasant.

somewhere, deep in the darkened areas of the mind there was a plain. a plain covered in short blades of yellowish grass. the air was cool and the wind was quiet, but its presence was certain. Around the edges of the plain where oak trees, too tall to see over and too thick to see through. The sky was a dark oceanic blue, covered in large gray clouds, that seemed to turn around the bright full moon as if it were a planet and the clouds where controlled by its orbit. Somewhere, in no particular spot but at the same time in exactly the right place stood a being. The being stood on the plain but at the same time was not there at all. The area was much too wide but most defiantly not wide enough and the being was most defiantly certain he was uncertain. The cold air brushed his face gently like a velvet drape caught in an evening draft. It gave out a small whistle as it carried some leaves across the plain at a slow pace, lifting up and floating down as if in time with the beings thought. He took a step forward, a very brave step forward. A very foolish uncertain step forward. Suddenly the whistling stopped and all that could be heard was the crunch of the hard grass beneath him. The world seemed to tip, or tilt or twist, everything that was originally certain was now defiantly not and the uncertainty was confirmed by a loud cry, like the whistle but one million times the volume and one million times the fear. It came from one direction, or so the being thought. A small unnoticeable opening at the edge of the plain, in the most unlikely place possible. The being swallowed and wiped away the small beads of sweat crowding his brow. He took another step forward. The cry stopped and so did the clouds and the moon seemed to turn off like a flashlight with a flat battery and the trees seemed to bend outwards in the last second of light with a loud creaking sound. A loud menacing echoed creaking. The wind picked up and sailed through the beings ears and into his eyes. He winced and attempted another step but the wind had gotten deafeningly loud and seemed to restrain him from moving at all. He put all his strength on going forward, as if something was behind him, as if something was approaching from the exact spot at which h he could no longer see. He tried again but the wind was too strong. The moon seemed to reappear and so did the clouds but blurred and the being realized he was crying. Then suddenly the wind stopped the ground gave way and the being was gone, and of this. The being was certain.

I hope you enjoyed it! thanks for reading! :p

12-28-2011, 11:46 AM
Hmm.. This is quite unique.
I loved it. :D

I give it 5 Stars. :D