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12-31-2008, 05:26 AM
Sorry for posting so many things it's just... I'm ADHD, I have an imagination!

Well, I think it would be cool to have rooms to your pod, like where you could hang out, like you could have a living room where you could watch videos from youtube with your buddies, and a bedroom where you would exit a game! These 2 rooms would be connected to your main pod, living room on the right, bedroom on the left! You could also have a changing room where you could download new costumes and try them on before you buy!

So whaddya think?

Johnny Pteran
12-31-2008, 05:32 AM
Changing room could revolve you so you could put stickers on your back without help from another player...

This idea is basically just like, having a bigger pod, right?

12-31-2008, 05:34 AM
Technically, but you would have to move from one room to another, it's not all in the same room.

12-31-2008, 05:36 AM
I think it's called Home. XD

Can't we just create a level to hang out in? lol

12-31-2008, 05:36 AM
Frankly, I think Sony should just scrap Home completely and work with MM to make LittleBigHome, where Sackboys can congregate and do stuff like you can do in Home right now.

12-31-2008, 05:38 AM
Yeah, and it could actually have 3d rotation!