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01-03-2009, 03:28 AM

My second level Zombie Onslaught leaves the player infront of an old barn were you can clearly see something terribly bad has just happend. After you go to the top of the barn to pick up your paintanator in the distance you can hear a zombie coming....

The zombies progressively come out faster and the environment changes from day to dusk to night, and you get three air strikes for when things get hairy and they are about to breach your barn.

Let me know what you think



YouTube - Zombie Onslaught(Survival Challenge)

01-03-2009, 03:31 AM
looks good fun, ham xD

but the 3 pics are of the same bit...?

01-03-2009, 03:36 AM
looks good fun, ham xD

but the 3 pics are of the same bit...?

oops lol. the first two are the same spot just showing day and night, i have dusk too; didnt have a pic up though. updated a barn one now

01-03-2009, 03:38 AM
Sweet, looks great bro

I'll add to my list

hell I'll add you on psn xD

EDIT: what does f4f stand for...?

01-03-2009, 03:42 AM
Sweet, looks great bro

I'll add to my list

hell I'll add you on psn xD

EDIT: what does f4f stand for...?

cool sounds good dude. maybe we can play it together. feedback4feedback. someone leaves you feedback and you have to in return for them if they are in the same program.

i had to redo it to reset the scoreboard D: i revamped it so people cant exploit now... im actually making a new level as we speak!

01-03-2009, 03:56 AM
Aww, i see cool system..!

Well what's your next project ham....?

wait, let me guess something to do with zombies...?

01-03-2009, 04:16 AM
Aww, i see cool system..!

Well what's your next project ham....?

wait, let me guess something to do with zombies...?

lol yes :P .... hey if it aint broke dont fix it! :P ... its pretty sweet so far i just started making the first part. im worried its going to be a huge thermometer hog caue this one is very detailed. i can give you a pic of what i got so far if you want

01-03-2009, 04:23 AM
Yuss please xD

01-07-2009, 05:03 PM
did you ever check it out flash?

01-07-2009, 05:25 PM
I've a had a play though your level and here are my thoughts.

+ Its fun enough, all though I did'nt last long.
+ Fairly good concept
+ It gets fairly hectic once the hordes start to come on all plains
+ Its also gets hard
+ Shooting the cloud for a screen clearing air strike is a good idea, and needed when it gets hectic
+ Day and night cycle is impressive

- Its very bright, theres to many materials. It looks cluttered and untidy to me.
- Not much variation.

I can't see much here to review really. Its a paintinator level where you shoot zombies that are storming a farm. Its well enough done, for me the looks need some work. It was a fun few go's I had, I managed around 1500 points, but for some reason my PS3 is refusing to upload scores :(

It was fun, I had a good time whilst playing.

*** and "fun" tag left in game

01-07-2009, 07:41 PM
hmm glad you liked it not sure about the clutter thing i can look into it a little. about the variation would be pretty hard to add some. I think ill add some little bats that fly by every one in a while or something maybe only at night time. i thought for the most part it was really polished and well done for what i was going for not sure what you meant by needs more work.

01-07-2009, 08:00 PM
To my taste there were a few to many materials and decorations used. Thats what I meant for needing work. It looked a little cluttered, and the colours seemed to be bright and clashed to me for the theme of the level

Only one opinion though, get more feedback before you change anything. :)

The rest was fine.

01-07-2009, 08:21 PM
ya unfortunately the colors they let you select are very limited obviously, i didnt think the color scheme was bad considering it is a barn. barns are red and white; but that is our two own opinions obviously and im glad that small thing didnt prevent you from having a good time. i obviously didnt think the decorations were bad either but ill take a second look; again just personal preferrence like you said i guess. thank you very much for feedback though. im glad its small stuff like that and nothing huge though

02-06-2009, 08:39 AM
I never got to try this, I might just try it :P

EDIT: It was fun :)


-Really fun
-Nice looking

-Bats, too many make it shorter
-Make it so your allowed 2-3 zombies get in then its game over

02-06-2009, 05:30 PM
thanks default i'm glad you like it. i was worried about the bats i may just get rid of them...or make just a few. good idea on maybe making it take a few zombies...i'd just have to figure out a way to destroy them or something once they breach.

really glad you enjoyed it though. good to hear i'll prob change the bats tonight. i thought it would be a fun cool effect but maybe i did make too many

02-10-2009, 02:18 AM
I actually just came here to bump this thread but now looking at the pictures Ima have to actually play this.......

02-10-2009, 05:50 PM
I played this level yesterday and generally enjoyed it. The premise of the story is straight-forward and it the limits are well defined but it is very easy die quickly. (For me anyway.) Initially I was looking around the barn, looking for hidden items, then when I started the zombie rush I tried going down stairs but that didnít work out well.

So then I started just shooting the zombies. (I know that was the intention but I wanted to poke around a bit.) The biggest thing is that if just one zombie gets in the level is over post-haste. My first thought was, Ďwhy is the barn blowing up because a zombie came in?í but that lasted for half a second as the, Ďitís just a gameí reflex kicked in.

It isnít very allowing for failure because of this and I wasnít able to play for too long at a stretch. I wanted to see the day/night transitions but sometimes it was easy to miss one zombie such that I didnít get to see it more than once. (Well I got to a section where the outdoor barn lights turn on.) It would be nice to experience more of the level if you were allowed two or three zombies to get past before dying.

The air strike option is very handy that I liked. I wanted to get a close look at the zombies to see if they were cool looking or just thrown together but I didnít get much time for a close up inspection. Though that is probably more authentic to the real experience.

I didnít get any bats coming and either I wasnít good enough to last that long or they have been taken out. The challenge does ramp up as they start coming in on different planes and the difficulty seemed to go up pretty quickly. Initially with one row of zombies they seemed to come with a medium time interval in-between them but once they started to come in different planes there seemed to be a whole lot more coming at once then before.

Changing to zombies on multiple planes is an increase in difficulty by itself and Iíd have kept the spawn rate the same as before but now split over the multiple planes. (So each plane would spawn half as fast or less if that makes sense.) Then once the player had gotten used to the multiple planes then start ramping up the speed that they come in on each layer. Lastly I think that there was a tree in the foreground or maybe it was the tombstones but it was difficult sometimes to tell which layer the zombies where coming in on when they were still on the far right of the screen.

I enjoyed this level, it gets right to the action and lets you start shooting zombies without much fuss, Iíd just like to play it longer for the time it takes to find and load up the game. I havenít tried it in multiplayer but Iím guessing that it is a bit easier.

02-10-2009, 06:37 PM
wow thanks trindall I appreciate your in depth evaluation. Glad you generally enjoyed it... Ya I was going to devise a way to make it so multiple zombies can breach that had been suggested before; I can manage to get pretty far but of course I made it and tested the crap out of it.

But about the bats I thought they are really nice looking bats but I removed them for the time being because the previous poster said there were too many. I can add them or some again to see what the generally feel is..

Ya I could tweak it so they come out on the planes at the slower speed before speeding up good call. My speed machine I built is pretty strange; because the long duration I wanted the difficulty to span over it seems to start off really slow ramp up a little then just go full speed (the duration on the piston doesn't allow for very long)

I like my zombies they are also featured in my first level I made zomg zombiez. They were prob my second or third version I thought they look pretty nice.(I wanted them to be surreal kind of scary almost)

But the barn blows up because I guess that was the first thing I thought of to end the game. I could change it so gas just fills the area and kills the player perhaps that would fit the mood better.

Great suggestions glad you enjoyed it

[Edit]: Awesome did you get a chance to play it?

02-10-2009, 07:27 PM
On the issue of the bats, it sounds like they were something that you liked and that the look good. You can put them back in but make them non-lethal. That way they can come in at different intervals to break up the action, through in some misdirection or add to the confusion.

Maybe make them a thin layer so that they don't get hit by the paintballs or fly high enough that they don't cover up the shooting zone of the zombies?

One way you could make it so that you can have multiple zombies before the end is to make two or three dissolve blocks stacked on top of each other. (Two for two zombies or three for three and so on.) This can be all done off screen.

I'm assuming that there is a sensor on each zombie that is triggering a magnetic switch to start the bombs so you can set that mag switch to one shot and connect it to an emitter instead. The emitter would emit a suicide block that would dissolve one of your counting blocks each time it is emitted. When the top block reaches the floor a magnetic key on the block comes in range of a mag switch which would then set off the bombs.

There is more information on the suicide block, or add/delete block, here http://forums.lbpbuilder.com/viewtopic.php?id=168 but I'll go over it in short here.

Your counting blocks I mentioned earlier are dissolve material that have a magnetic switch of, say color red, that is set to one-shot and is connected to that particular block of dissolve material.

Also on that same counting block is magnetic key of a different color, say blue. So you have three or four of these counting blocks stacked and next to it you have an emitter that emitts a block that is made of dissolve material.

This emitted block has on it a blue magnetic switch, set to one-shot and is connected to the same dissolve block and there is also a red magnetic key. This emitted block is, well, emitted right next to your stack of counting blocks and the radii of the switches is set to that the key from the counting block will trigger the switch from the emitted block and the key form the emitted block will trigger the switch on the counting block.

-phew- So what happens when you emit a block is that your emitted block will dissolve the bottom counting block and the counting block will dissolve the emitted block.

After one emitting you have one less counting block and a nice clean area that you can emit another suicide block whenever you want. This lets make an easy counter for just about anything.

In your case, as I said earlier, you can key the bombing of the barn so that after you have two or three zombies reach the barn that the stack of counting blocks is depleted or low enough so that the key on the top block, or the key on the non-counting block on top of the last counting block, sets off the sensor on the floor.

Well that was a bit longer than I had anticipated but the link I posted has a lot of pictures and talks about the process in a little more depth. I'm happy to talk about this more if you have questions.


02-10-2009, 07:37 PM
great advice again. Those were actually the first forums i went on i remembered you from there! I'm pretty farmilar with the suicide block myself.

the bats were one layer thick and didn't get in the way of paintballs i had them set up pretty nice. I think it was the frequency of them that set the other person off. I had them kind of constantly flying out when it was night time.

also I'll prob rewire / incorporate that counter. you couldn't imagine how many wires i have running accross that level already lol. it started off w/ me just dropping a bunch of green grass sponge blocks and just messing around making the barn and i just keept adding more and more.

I'm just worried that since they are on follow they are just going to sit under you and stack up or something but i guess nots not to bad because he would just evaporate from the lifetime duration and the next one would take his place if they were all lined up.

good tip on the counter i apprecaite it; i think ill incorporate the bats again maybe just do a large burst of them right away at night or a slow trickle or something.

Don Vhalt
02-12-2009, 05:47 PM
sounds like a really good level.

02-13-2009, 05:24 PM
cool man; i hope you enjoyed it

02-13-2009, 05:45 PM
This was pretty fun in fact i'm gonna go play again after this to if i can beat the highscore. i like the lighting and you did good on the visuals. the only thing i can think of improving is make the zombies look more like zombies (but thats not very big)

i guess i tell you where i want you to give feedback right? could you give feedback on epic journey part 2 (please play part 1 but you don't have to feed back on that).

02-13-2009, 06:25 PM
Hey this is a really good level. Ironicaly the last book i seriously red was the "zombie survival guide" XD

So here my thoughts as a "zombie expert" (lol):

It makes perfect sense that you must "headshot" the zombies. "The book" says that the only vital organ for zombies is the brain. >.<

The thing was announced that you should add that the barn can take more than just one zombie. So try this:
The survival guid advises to destroy the stairs. Maybe include that? Simply because zombies are unable to climb decently. So they have to gather and walk over each other to reach you.

What also was somehow irritating was that the gas comes and goes sometimes. That's not really bad but doesn't look that good.

02-13-2009, 10:10 PM
ya the gas at the bottom is strange.. i tried having it spawn with an infinite life but for some reason it would go away in about 50 seconds...it was weird...but thats why i have it spam on now the best i could do D:..

glad you guys enjoyed it though im going to strongly recommend my other zombie level in my sig Zomg Zombiez since you enjoyed this one.

02-18-2009, 04:33 PM
Alright, here's my review:

- Nice concept, i loved those "Defend the castle"-flash games, and this is one of em.
- Airstrike concept? cool.
- Day and night was pretty well done.

- The looks are too friendly, i guess.. But then agagain it was friendly before the zombies got there.
- you spelled your title wrong, good job. it says "Challange" and should be "Challenge"
- Duuuude! The airstrike killed ME???? The hell.....
- Also, you might want to cange the zombies with a paint switch instead of a tiny little brain, cuz i find it a pain to hit the brain.

Overall, pretty cool survival challenge ^^

02-20-2009, 04:19 PM
-Ham_salad- !!ZoMbIe OnSlAuGhT!!

Having played ZoMg ZoMbiEz! (enough with the random caps already!), I was anticipating a good zombie level. Zomg Zombiez (sorry, I've given up on the caps) was fun as a leveland only lost out due to a few bugs and glitches, so I thought this was going to be good.

It had a nice intro, but the running right bit seemed a bit odd. Some obstruction (bodies that the zombies burst through? House on fire the zombies break the door?) would have been more engrossing. The barn was well decorated, nice blood splats and skeletons, but maybe it was a little too bright.

Now for the survival challenge itself. The zombies are remarkably similar to those in Zomg Zombiez, and this ties in well, which I liked. The brains could be a little hard to hit (I SWEAR I hit that brain was a frequent shout of mine), but it was fun shooting. Zombies could be held back by firing at them (they stop when you hit them), which can be both hinderence and help.

The tree at the far end got quite annoying, because it meant that when zombies started spawning on the front layer (nice trick, caught me out the first time) I had no idea until they were really close.

The cloud-airstrike was cool, but it left a bit of debris. I enjoyed detroying 10 zombies at once with it ;) The difficulty changes were not very subtle (more layers and more zombies), but made it a bit more fun. Different zombies, perhaps with two brains, or multi-paintball paintinator switches would be nice.

One last suggestion is more things like the airstrike. If you could put a grenade launcher or mortar strike at the back of the house, that, say, unlocks once every 10 zombies, it could add more incentive and replay value.

Overall, nice looks and fun gameplay, let down by it being quite repetitive and not very varied. 4-star Survival Challenge.

+Visuals (props for day/night!)
+Good points separation
+Difficulty ramp up


Only the one negative!

02-20-2009, 04:57 PM
sweet, glad you liked it; The first time I published it was running with 4 stars the whole time and blowing up quick because of the star rating but for some reason after I fixed a bug and republished it , it had 3 stars...weird....

anyway. ya i could deffinitly try something to switch up the zombies or...i just thought of something maybe get some assistance every so often by a mysterious stranger type deal or have a helicopter fly by and shoot them... something like that.

but glad you liked it over all; i've kind of lost my steam lately on LBP because of I set my expectations too high for how well i thought my levels would do

thanks for the review !

03-03-2009, 05:22 AM
I just played this again (about 10 times in a row). It's a very fun level. My only problem was every time I use the air strike option .. I also die (and no zombies were anywhere close to the barn when I dropped a bomb on them .. I had been holding them back for a bit letting them pile up lol).

My other problem .. was when I was finished (I finished in 10th place) it didn't let me rate or tag your level .. I just went straight back to my pod. I thought this was weird and thought I should let you know, in case it's happening to others as well.

So my rate would have been 4*'s and a "fun" tag!

03-12-2009, 06:06 PM
Your level has been filmed:
YouTube - Zombie Onslaught(Survival Challenge)

05-07-2009, 08:14 PM
Played this the other day and it's fun! Although, I have to admit, in the case of zombie invasion - I wouldn't last too long if this level is any indicator.

Good replay value and the airstrike idea is genius. Good camera angle - very dramatic but practical. The zombies look pretty good too. Not terribly gross but icky enough to be hordes of he undead. The lighting is pretty awesome with the cycle you have going on too. Also liked the scoreboard area setup. Stark but nicely set and lit.

Most of what I found to improve on has been mentioned above but I'll mention a few things.

I didn't get that if the zombies cross the threshold of the barn it's game over. I was trying a paintball saturation strategy from the ground floor and discovered that if they made it into the barn the bombs flew. Could you make it clearer (either in a text box or some visual representation) that if they cross the line - it's over?

I have to agree with GrantosUK about a ton of decor going on in the zombie field. I liked he barn design because it was clean and recognizeable as a barn. The zombie field has a ton of bright colors and lots of moving decor. It's a little distracting. I'd recommend checking out one or two of those "free sticker" levels and stock up on earth tones and grays if you want to tone down the color in that section.

Overall a fun level to play (especially if you like zombies) and it has some cool stuff going on. I rated it 3 stars and tagged it funky. Thanks for sharing it!

05-12-2009, 05:35 PM
Im a conformist, and my main gripe is the immediete death for crossing that threshold. Make them jump after a certain point? (if its even possible)


Make multiple layers to the barn roof, and make the airstrike thats to kill you weaker, so that when a zombie crosses he dies and a small strike hits you.. but the first doesnt kill you. Maybe have it take 2-5 airstrikes to breach your roof and kill you.

On a side note hams next long coming level looks fantastic!