View Full Version : Minecraft - The LBP Adventure

04-20-2012, 08:26 PM
Hello there sackthing!

I've been making LBP levels ever since the very beginning of the 1st LBP.

My levels have been steadily getting better over the years and it's finally reached the point were I am confident I can make consistently good levels. My cousin on the other hand has greatly struggled and is desperate to create a good level but finds it really difficult. Since I have a few LBP2 levels out (and I'm confident with the LBP2 tools now) I thought I'd help out my cousin make a level.

My cousin loves minecraft ...and I mean LOVES MINECRAFT. So I suggested we work together to make a minecraft adventure level. Now I must admit I know nothing about minecraft. I haven't played it but my cousin will be working closely with me to give me all the information I need and to advise on the setting of the level.

With our combined forces we hope to create a fun, story led adventure through the world of minecraft. :)

I have played other minecraft levels and we are trying to create something different, something that will be enjoyed by minecraft & lbp fans. (So people like me with no experience with minecraft can still enjoy the level) :)

We hope to have the level out soon and will update on its status. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions then feel free to let us know below.

Thanks for reading! :)