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04-22-2012, 03:14 AM
Welcome sackboy's and girls!

After recieving many requests for my sequencers, i have decided to make them available to everyone! But not so fast. I'm not just giving you them, you need to earn them fair and square. I have several challenges around my entire earth that you have to complete in order to earn each sequencer. Her'es a list to show you how!

"Re-Education (Through Labour)" by Rise Against: To Unlock, Ace "Slippery Climb"

"Savior" by Rise Against: To Unlock, Score 5,000pts in "Cling To Life 2.0 (Survival)"

"Give It All" by Rise Against: To Unlock, Ace "Toxic Accent"

"Make It Stop" by Rise Against: To Unlock, Ace "The Lost Move Level"

"Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd: To Unlock, Survive till the end of "Free Bird (1P Survival)"

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Provided are LBP.Me Links to the levels.

JUKE BOX (Level Hub): http://lbp.me/v/-t5h00

Slippery Climb: http://lbp.me/v/0nj3bv

Cling To Life: http://lbp.me/v/wqnzt6

Toxic Accent: http://lbp.me/v/0se55j

The Lost Move Level: http://lbp.me/v/e2k28d

Free Bird: http://lbp.me/v/e0v2q3