View Full Version : "Tank Buster" 2.0

04-23-2012, 05:18 AM
As many of you may have already noticed...many more of you probably not having noticed... I have redone my Cling To Life level. I plan on actually updating all my older levels and making them fun and more polished than ever to ensure my knowledge over the past year has helped to make my levels more fun.

Next weekend I plan on updating "Tank Buster." For those of you who don't know, tank buster is a Versus level I made featuring 9 different arenas, powerups, different gamemodes, and fun fast paced buddy blasting action!!!

Here's a list of planned changes:

-Increased Tank Speed
-Removal of the smoke effect when damaged
-Addition of a health bar/heart icon or some sort of notification to show a player's health
-Removal of all Hologram materials
-Addition of Sticker Panel materials to replace removed holograms (this is for powerups)
-The Victoria's stage will be updated to have more interesting mechanics
-Cannonballs will fire twice as fast
-The Space Arena stage will be fixed finally
-The Shipwreck stage will be fixed to avoid cheating
-The Avalonia stage will be adjusted to not be as confusing
-There will be an additional stage added
-There will be a new menu option to add or remove powerups
-There will be a new system added. Each player will get only one life. Players who earn 2 wins on a stage will end the game. It will be similar to how the bomberman levels work
-The Aquarious Stage will be updated so mines will function. Sound effects will also be adjusted

Let me know if there's any other changes you would like!:star: