View Full Version : Lost Ages Remastered - Part One: Edyn

05-17-2012, 07:34 PM
Ive gone and remade the first Lost Ages level over again.
I didnt just replace all the guns with handheld radios,
this thing is new form the ground up.
might not be as long and amny elements have changed,
but the production value has increased imo.

new features include:
a navi style travel companion that you can talk to for additional story or help in some situations.
3 original music by yours truly which means they are somewhat less than fantastic... but they serve.
a new lighting technique (to me anyway) that should add a bit more realism
epic camera angles!.. oh wait this is the new features list.
Doorporters! not anything new to you guys but new to the series for sure.

please test this thing for me, i need the feedback to make sure the level is good enough to release.
the code for my current project access is 777773.
there might also be mega city remix demo in there... its still in very early alpha stages
and the music in it is by festerdjester tho i havent got around to asking if i can use it in the finished product yet...
seemed a bit premature at this point.

anyways please please please go check this out.
also if anyone with some recording capabilities could get some play footage i would name my firstborn after them.
thanks for your time

05-23-2012, 07:58 AM
I think I can test:D If it's published in a beta why not place a LBP.me link here?:) About the recording capabilities I'm sorry but I just sold my olde camera and getting one veeery late unless you don't mind me recording it with my potato(which is a Xperia Play by the way)

My PSN is DeathRayKaton add me as friend if you want:p