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05-18-2012, 06:37 AM
Just wanted to let everyone know about my new upcoming project "Cuberz" set to release in a few weeks. I'd say it's about 45% done. Anyways, it's a block-puzzle level based off the popular Internet game "Be-Cubed". I've had some controversary lately over the concept being like the MM Pick "Tiles", but I can assure everyone that my puzzle concept is entirely based off "Be-Cubed", and that the only similarity is that the blocks/tiles fall when you pass off of them.

Back to the details. There will be 2 modes: Point Mode, where you're given a sequence of levels that gradually become harder (18 puzzles total), and Random Mode, where random, NEW levels are constantly generated for the user to play (no points are earned).

The levels will be based in 4 different locations (our universe in space, a parallel universe, in the ocean, and in a forest.

As of now, I do not yet have a ready-to-publish private Beta, but I will let everyone know here when I have one and how to get the key.

05-23-2012, 07:01 AM
Be sure I'll try it out! I loved Be-Cubed it was my fav internet game:p Post here a LBP.me link when it's done! If you want I can help(I'm decent with logic&decoration never touched the music sequencer)