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01-04-2009, 10:32 AM
I'm working on a new *fairly big* project called "HEIST: The Midnight Star", its stealth based and if you've ever played The art of theft you'll know what I'm on about

I'm about 1/2 way done atm, and just posting this to whet some appetites

In HEIST: The Midnight Star, you will get to:

*Sneak into a museum at night to steal the worlds largest Diamond - The midnight Star
*Dodge cameras and patrolling guards
*Use your brain to unlock routes past security that other trigger happy players may have face
*Find secret passages including a daring trip through air conditioning vents
*Play with a Moon Rover (Hey I could spend hours with it)
*Not Die

About the last point, very little in my level will kill you - if you trigger some sort of security it'll just close the door ahead of you and force you to run back and re-open it with a switch. But don't think that makes it easy for you, some doors cant be re-opened making you take a longer route, and all most every switch will make you have to face the same security again

PLUS a cast of supporting characters including:

LINK: The tech guy, your eyes and ears about the pros and cons of security
RICK: The inside Man, the reason why you might find a window open...or a jetpack in a convenient place....

and FINALLY - A special reward for getting to the end without tripping any security!


Like I said I'm 1/2 way done but I'm happy to show around any of you forum goers what I have so far in "HEIST: The Midnight Star", just message me! I'm always open to opinions - and who knows soon you could own the worlds largest Diamond!

Really Id just like people who are interested to pop in every now and then and try to pick holes in it so far.

01-04-2009, 02:31 PM
This sounds like a very interesting a promising idea. I look forward to how things end up. :)