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05-25-2012, 09:54 PM
As what "Star Wars" fans may know, today (May 25, 2012) is the 35th anniversary of the release of the epic sci-fi movie that started it all. After knowing about it on YouTube's home page, it gave me an excellent idea on what should I post in this site's General Media, and it can help me get a warm up on my English assignment. What's your favorite moment in any of the "Star Wars" movies. I'll start with my favorites in each episode from "The Phantom Menace" to "Return of the Jedi".

Sure, it's everyone's least favorite "Star Wars" movie because of Jar Jar Binks, but this movie still delivers epic visuals and action, and it's nice to know the very start of the entire saga's story. However, in my opinion, the podracer scenes are my favorite moments in Episode 1. Young Anakin Skywalker racing for freedom is a great inspiration of the ancient Horse Chariot race that has amazing crash scenes and high-speed action. There's also really funny moments involving some competitors, such as a Pit Droid sucked into one of Ody Mandrel's engines and Ben Quadrinaros' four engines going haywire while being stalled in the arena. The podracer scene became even more exciting when the DVD version of Episode 1 extended it in the movie's second cut.

In my opinion, this is my least favorite "Star Wars" movie, but I do enjoy many of the movie's action sequences, such as Obi-Wan chasing Jango Fett around the ring of Geonosis and Obi-Wan and Anakin pursuing a bounty hunter in Coruscant. Therefore, there's one moment in Episode 2 that's considered a classic... Yoda vs. Count Dooku! When that little, elder, green alien dropped his cane, he unbelievably used his Lightsaber and Jedi stunts to battle a Sith. Then Yoda goes back to his elder state after the battle. I remembered the audiences cheering like crazy during that scene when I first saw this movie.

George Lucas has saved the best for last of the prequels. The story of how Anakin became Darth Vader unleashes so many great "Star Wars" action sequences that it's pretty close to be like the originals. And, there's even more Yoda action in this episode than "Attack of the Clones" The battle between Anakin and Obi-Wan in a volcanic moon is considered the best action scene of the prequels, but there's one scene that tied it in my favorite moment of Episode 3...Obi-Wan battling General Grevious in a planet with many deep craters. I liked how General Grevious fights using the lightsabers, and it's funny to see how Obi-Wan said "Well, hello there" just as what he said in "A New Hope".

A classic movie that started it all is one of my top ten favorite movies ever. It became one of the most inspired movies of all time when it first came out around a decade before I was born. With great late 70's action sequences, costumes, dialogue, sound, and acting, no sci-fi movies can do better than this. My favorite moment in the very first "Star Wars" movie is, of course, the Death Star trench battle. There's a really good movie moment when Obi-Wan told Luke to let go of the targeting computer. That shows that Luke doesn't need the technology to destroy the Death Star, he just used the force to blow that planet-destroying station into pieces. Now that's the power of the force.

The follow-up of "A New Hope" is one of my favorite movie sequels ever. With the series' introduction to Yoda and some really cool 80s special effects including the asteroid field scene and the battle of Hoth, the saga continues to amaze the viewers with it's great story,action and characters. My favorite part of "Empire Strikes Back" is a lightsaber battle between Luke and Darth Vader, and its jaw-dropping end when that villain said to the Jedi, "No...I am your father." At first, there's no way a half-man, half-machine can be the father of the main character, but Luke seemed to admit it. That's really weird.

"It's a trap!" Ha! I always like to say this classic line in LBPC. Anyways, the last of the originals delivers the same formula as Episode 4 and 5. With many great final battles of the epic saga, including a final showdown between Luke and Vader and the ultimate decision of Darth Vader, it makes the finale a true gem to the movie series. The best moment of "Return of the Jedi", in my opinion, is the speeder chase on the forest moon of Endor. It has some of the best examples of using the 80's special effects, and it's a bit on the funny side. Another moment is the second Death Star exploded that is neatly visible in the skies of Endor.

May the force be with you.:)