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06-06-2012, 10:01 PM
Massive Patch is incoming ladies and gentleman! I have taken my aquired skills and taken my old "Tank Buster" versus level and given it a complete overhaul! We're talking new logic, better gameplay, less lag, and more fun! Take a look at the changelog :)

-New Main Menu Look
-New Level Selection Menu with animations for each of the 8 levels
-New Options menu that allows for removal of specific powerups and volume control for music and SFX
-Updated Tutorial to accompany all the new changes
-Changed main menu to sticker panel for sharper image
-Tank speed has been increased slightly
-Tank firing rate has been increased
-Tank firing projectile speed has been increased
-Tanks no longer spawn with a mine equipped. Mines can only be aquired by collecting a powerup
-Mines have been reworked. They no longer fire plasma. They now fire 4 insta-kill cannonballs in all 4 directions
-Mines appearance has been changed, now with a number countdown
-Tank turning has been adjusted. Tanks now turn in 4 directions and remain in the last inputted direction unless told otherwise Tanks still have free turning on nongrid based maps
-Tank appearance has been drastically changed. Tanks now have a more boxy shape to give them a cooler look.
-Tank health system has been redone. There are now 3 bars of health for every tank. You lose a bar for each hit taken. The bars turn red when they are lost. These bars can be restored with a health powerup
-Tank smoke effects have been removed. This greatly improves framerate for 4 player games
-Powerups have been reworked. They now use sticker panel and are much easier to see. When you grab a powerup, a specific color associated with the powerup will glow around your tank to show you what powerup you have equipped
-New Game starting countdowns have been added to every map.
-the Point powerup only gives 10 pts now
-The game ending score limit has been reduced from 150 to 100
-Cannonballs no longer will explode on impact with an uncollected powerup. They should only explode when they collide with players, walls, or other cannonballs
-Cocoa Lake has been completely redone. A waterfall of marshmellows now randomly pour down the center of the playing field. These marshmellows can be destroyed by cannonballs.
-Compounds Logic has been fixed so that in/out movers constantly fire when they are supposed to. This makes sure that evne if a player drives over a platform that's supposed to come out, the platform will come out as soon as that player leaves the area
-Ruins has been completely redone. There are now four walls that randomly come up in 16 different combinations. Also, every 15 seconds, the tiki head will close off all 4 walls and spin around, choosing a victim to kill instantly.
-Arena has been completely redone. The center now features a powerup zone. All players can grab the current powerup and blast their opponents away with it. Mines cannonballs are covered in the same bouncy green coating, so be careful laying those mines down ;)
-Station has been absolutely redone. The negativitron now oversees this map and will randomly take sections of the floor away that you can fall into. There's only one square in the center that offers powerups
-Aquarius logic has been reworked. In/out movers now behave correctly. Missiles have been removed and cannonballs added instead with a bright color to show them underwater. Normal mines have also been added. Level should now behave normally
-Shipwreck has been redone. Players are given health and lose health whenever a ball goes into their goal. The player with the most points at the end of the timer wins!

This version will be available this weekend. Currently doing the changes to aquarius and shipwreck. The logic on the main menu is so complex, my game has a frame rate of 1 frame every 15 seconds XD

06-06-2012, 10:41 PM
Wow! That's a lot of changes! Can't wait to try it out!

06-07-2012, 12:17 AM
Yeah it's pretty crazy. Spent all week doing this. Can't wait to publish it so you can all enjoy it :) Just now finished the menu.. soooo glad to have gotten through that bump in the road. my game was running slower than I've ever seen it run using that absolutely MAMMOTH controllinator chip. Nobody ask me to add new levels........................... :P